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Marketing List Best Practices

Efficiency, Effectiveness, Accuracy, Return on Investment. We've all heard terms like these in marketing discussions. How should these ideas guide marketing list management? Continue reading, to learn about recommended marketing list best practices.
Clean Out The Trash
A key component of a good marketing list is good data.

5 Tips To Boost Your Windows 10 PC’s Speed

Computers are constantly running high level tasks, which over time, slow down their overall speed and performance, leading to user frustration and decreased productivity. Here are 5 tips to boost your Windows 10 PC’s speed. 1. Optimize Power Plan Settings Windows has a pre-configured power plan that ensures maximum power without sacrificing performance.

Data Sync Cloud is transforming, big time

Data Sync Cloud is transforming, big time.  It will still have the same great features that our clients love today, but will soon bring you better performance and more flexibility.  If you're not already familiar with Data Sync Cloud, it's a real-time CRM / ERP integration built on Microsoft Azure cloud technology & infrastructure.

Why Windows Personalization Improves Productivity

Microsoft Windows was always known for its customization dating all the way back to when Windows 3.1 was in use. By default, Windows will automatically place common applications, when first setting up your computer, on your desktop and task bar. Some of these include “Mail” and “Recycle Bin” for example.

Healthy Businesses Need Security Audits

Organizations can’t afford to be complacent with their cybersecurity. Beyond installing the latest cybersecurity tools, healthy businesses need to conduct consistent security audits to ensure that you are protected from cyber criminals. Healthy Businesses Need Security Audits Audits are necessary to ensure and maintain system quality and integrity.