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Dynamics 365 Customer Service 2020 Wave 2 is coming!

Dynamics 365 Customer Service 2020 Wave 2 is coming!
Dynamics 365 Customer Service 2020 Wave 2 is coming this October and with it, a plethora of updates and improvements.  Here are some important changes coming to your Dynamics Online environment soon:
Legacy to Unified Interface Service Scheduling Migration
Still using the legacy service schedule?  This update will automatically migrate service scheduling to the new UI experience.

Dynamics 365 Portal Bootstrap

Dynamics 365 Portal Bootstrap
Dynamics 365 Portals offer a multitude of ways to customize the look and feel of your Portal, from an individual page element, to a web page, to modifications that will update your entire portal.  The Bootstrap file offers the most sweeping changes you can make to your entire portal, and it's one of the easiest aspects of Portal customization to learn!
What is a Dynamics 365 Portal Bootstrap?
Bootstrap is a free, opensource framework that acts as a template to determine how and where data is displayed in your Portal.

Field Limits in Dynamics 365: How Many Fields Is Too Many Fields?

Do you plan on creating an entity with hundreds of fields?  Were you told that you will hurt user-adoption and ease of use?  Are you planning on doing it anyway? Great! But be cautious, because there are different limits on the amount of fields that can be added to an entity in Dynamics 365.  There is currently no way of seeing these limits in Dynamics 365 before you reach them.

Move Data Between Records that are Not Directly Related

Suppose you want to move data between records that are not directly related, but share a common parent.  Beringer Technology Group's Decimal Field Copy custom workflow can dynamically move values between records like these.


The image above represents a common set of relationships in CRM.  Child A and Child B records belong to two separate entities and have no direct relationship, but they both lookup to the same parent record.