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Understanding Email Archiving

There comes a time in every email account when your mailbox storage reaches it's limit. In the case of Office 365, used in conjunction with Outlook 2016, the standard threshold is 50 gigabytes. If you've reached the standard threshold and your mail is no longer sending or receiving, you can quickly free up some space by clearing out your deleted items folder.

When Embedded Hyperlinks Fail us

It’s common to send hyperlinks within various communication formats such as text messaging, and social networking posts, but hyperlinks are most commonly used in regular email.  Have you ever received a URL link in a email and it fails to open or results in displaying a blank page? If you've experienced this, it could be an issue with your “Default Programs” setting.

Time Out on VPN Connections

When working remote from a central office environment, it’s a good idea to check a few key settings that could cause frequent disconnect issues when trying to connect to your company's VPN.

This includes the following:
Network – Power Management Mode
Before connecting to your VPN, open “Device Manger” by simply typing it in on the global search bar of Windows 7 or Windows 10.

First identify both your wired and wireless network cards.