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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Organizations Best Practices

This is my 2nd blog in my 12 part series that talks about Dynamics 365 Best Practices. My first blog focused on defining the term "Best Practice" in relation to Dynamics 365. This blog focuses on Dynamics 365 Organizations Best Practices. All future blogs, will focus on Best Practices surrounding different configuration topics relating to Dynamics 365.

Congratulations on your choice to use Microsoft Dynamics 365. You have purchased a Production instance.

CRM for Distribution: Cost to Serve

Looking at sales figures can be very exciting, especially when they are going up. It's fairly easy to get a good idea of how much revenue you are earning from your customers by looking at your sales figures. But what about that customer's overhead? How much are your customers costing you? How do you figure out the cost to serve your customers? Some customers can be a bit more needy than others.

Do You Import Data into Dynamics 365 from Excel? Are You Running Out of Storage?

Importing data into Dynamics 365 from Excel can be a beautiful thing. It can be used for smaller implementations where you have a well managed, small data set. It can also be used to import data to supplement and enrich your existing data. The process can seem a bit cumbersome to set up your data maps, but once you set them up you can use them again if you save them.