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System Views vs My Views – Part Two of Two

Sharing "My Views" with Teams
In Part One, I talked about the differences between System Views and My Views. I also mentioned that whenever possible to filter by dynamic values (current user, manager, territory, last month, next year, etc.).

What if you work for a company that has several different divisions and your user base works across multiple divisions? They would want to have access to their views but they don't necessarily have to see all of the views for all of the other divisions.

System Views vs My Views – Part One of Two

Which are better? Which should I use for my organization?
There is no definitive answer to either of these questions as the answer is based on each unique organization. To answer this question for you, I would have to ask you some questions as well. How many system views do you currently have setup for your entities? How many of these views do all of your users use? We'll talk about your answers shortly.