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Dynamics 365 PowerApps Canvas App or Model Driven App: What’s the Difference?

The PowerApps platform provides Dynamics 365 online users the ability to deliver CRM content via a custom app on a mobile device or via the web. There are two main app types that you can create using PowerApps: a Canvas App or a Model Driven App. You can create either app without being a developer, allowing CRM System Administrators to use drag-and-drop configuration to build them.

CRM for Distribution: Sales History

CRM for Distribution allows you to combine ERP sales data inside of your CRM system, available for your sales team to access on demand making that data actionable from a Sales, Marketing and Customer Service perspective. Imagine how much more powerful your Account Management experience can be with this data at your fingertips.

Building a Custom Business App in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Using PowerApps

In this blog, I'm going to show you how simple it is to configure a custom business app in Microsoft Dynamics 365 using PowerApps. That's right, custom app and configuration! There are a few pre-requisites and assumptions before we proceed:

You must have System Administrator or System Customizer security roles in Dynamics 365.
While PowerApps is available in earlier versions of Microsoft CRM, this blog will focus on using the Dynamics 365 Online platform.