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AI-powered SMART VoIP: Your phone system on steroids

If you’re looking for ways to improve communications efficiency and cut costs, then you may have already switched your phone system over to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). But have you considered using an AI-powered VoIP system? The difference between traditional VoIP and AI-powered VoIP is that the latter uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help provide a better user experience AND tell you how well your phone communications are working.

The ONE thing that will stop hackers! (Hint: there is no one thing…)

It takes a village to stop an intrusion into your network!

Back in the day - Antivirus software was great! It stopped all those emails (written by a Captain Obvious-styled hacker) that had terrible grammar, flashy subject lines, fishy links and lots of virus keywords like "act now" and "free" and "special offer". So the AV solutions that were out there worked well, for the most part.

Add hours to your day with these PC hacks

Time is the enemy...! Because there are only so many hours in a workday, it’s vital to make the most of that time. The true goal is to get more done - in less time. If distracting websites, unorganized files, and cluttered inboxes prevent you from getting work done, here are some ideas to help you better manage your time and stay productive at work.

Microsoft Office 365 Backups

Microsoft Office 365 Backups
That stuff's all backed up, right?

Ah - no. The simple answer is no. UNLESS you set it up... There is some confusion around Microsoft 365's data retention policy and the common thought is "It's in the cloud, it must be backed up!"

That is just not the case.

Working from Home is a Hacker’s Dream

"Microsoft has found that 80% of Organizations Encounter an Increase in Security Threats Due to Remote Workers."

No kidding. This seems pretty obvious but it also bears paying attention to. Covid broke up the control system that companies were starting to employ to lock down networks and endpoints that hackers were actively exploiting.

Cyber Security Technology Without Training Is Useless

If you want to drive a car or play a musical instrument or bake a cake - you need more than just the equipment and ingredients to do so. The how-to knowledge is key, of course. That and some practice. (Especially in my kitchen!)

Why would you bother to roll out tools like antivirus, anti-malware, endpoint security, email filtering, DNS protection, data loss prevention, geofencing, firewall traffic shaping, etc.