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Great IT Talent – Why Is It So Hard to Find?

Mr. Smith... he's your IT guy. Been there for 12 years now. Truly an IT star at the company. He is always found buried in the bowels of his office, surrounded by old equipment, focused on his 3 monitors running lots of geeky programs. He has 2 mobile phones on his belt (one flip and the other massive) and could mysteriously reach into your digital life and remotely fix (almost) any issue. He is always on call, at the ready to address a server issue on Sunday morning when the boss wants to get to his sales spreadsheets for the Monday meeting. He set up new workstations, printers, and anything else and made sure the backups and system updates ran fine.

You supposed as much anyway... Is it tough for one guy to cover all of that? You betcha! What about the cost of hiring two or a part-time back-up? Hmmm... Maybe he can hang on and all will be well.

BUT - now Mr. Smith is no longer with you. Times changed, response got slow, new technology eluded him as there was just too much to do to keep up. How could he possibly do all of this before? How could he stay up-to-date on all the IT technology and support your business? How could he possibly support the biz 24/7/365? He was supposed to get some down time and a vacation... A break. He eventually snapped, cursed out an innocent end user with a persistent  printer issue, stormed out and went to work part-time for less money at some not-for-profit - just so he could get some sleep.

Now you need a new IT "Guy" and, to your great surprise (and benefit) you found out that the old Mr. Smith's duties could be fulfilled by the Beringer HelpDesk.

That is what we do. We stand guard over all of your critical and peripheral systems. We support the end-users when they can't print or get to Office 365, supply new PCs, and make sure server patches and reboots are managed. We check the backups, inventory everything, look over the licensing and renewals of  hardware and subscriptions. We proactively monitor systems, update, triage and alert any particular issues to you. We make it easy to manage your day to day IT so Mr. Smith doesn't have to.

Beringer Associates is always here to provide you with the IT support that you and your organization deserves. Contact us, give Mr. Smith a break, improve the holistic IT support, design and growth of your business and heck save a few shekels!



Rob is the CTO of Beringer Technology Group, and focuses his efforts on software development, cloud engineering, team mentoring and strategic technical direction. Rob has worked with Beringer since 2005, and has influenced every department from Development, Security, Implementation, Support and Sales. Rob graduated with his MBA from Rowan University in 2012, earned his Bachelors of Computer Science in 1997, and is current with several Microsoft technical certifications. Rob is very active, and loves to mountain bike, weight train, cook and hike with his dog pack.