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IT Support Services for CPG Businesses

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is moving toward digital/cloud technology systems to follow the shift in consumer interest in environmental responsibility and sustainable sourcing.
Having expert, trusted advisors to assist with this process is key to both achieving a financially favorable outcome and figuring out the technology that meets your requirements for data management, network security, and efficient resolution of technical issues as they arise.

Beringer’s IT services provide your CPG business with the following:

  • Dedicated experts to support your team
  • Monitoring and network maintenance services 24/7
  • Remote IT support assistance to maximize profitability
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Why Is It So Important to Outsource Your CPG IT Services?

Automating and optimizing resource utilization in the context of customers’ healthier, more convenient, and cost-effective packaging expectations have become significant challenges for modern CPG businesses.

Outsourcing these technological challenges offers many advantages:

  • Streamlining and automating processes for maximum profit
  • Modernizing your applications
  • Embracing cloud computing solutions
  • Improving your cybersecurity stance

Beringer Can Help Your CPG Business Grow

With more than three decades of experience providing managed IT services for industries such as supply chain, distribution, and manufacturing, Beringer Technology Group is closely in touch with the needs of businesses across many industries, including CPG.


Why choose Beringer to support your IT requirements?

Beringer Technology Group understands the CPG industry’s challenges. We can turn these challenges into opportunities for growth. Our team becomes an extension of yours and propels your IT environment to the next level. Partnering with us means you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Dedicated helpdesk system
  • 30+ years of experience
  • Industry-leading services
  • Expertise across business and technology solutions.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your CPG Business IT Support Needs

Modern consumers have higher expectations for their products. Brands must be quick to address issues and concerns across channels. It’s challenging to keep up with all this, especially if you’re a local business operating in one market. But outsourcing your CPG business IT support needs can help.


24/7 Monitoring

Keep track of operational efficiency all day, every day.


Predictable Costs

For every action you can think of, we’ll run the numbers and tell you how much it will cost and how cost-effective it will be.


Improved Productivity

By embracing streamlined processes and automating repetitive tasks, your productivity will skyrocket.


Custom IT Packages

Whether you need all or part of our managed services for CPG businesses, we’ll always provide for your needs.

IT Services for CPG Businesses

Like most CPG businesses, your IT team integrates your product information and inventory tracking systems with your packaging, transport, and point-of-sale systems.

However, knowing what type of IT services best support your business needs can take a lot of work. With so many different packages and providers available, CPG companies rely on Beringer when they need the help of an IT services provider who knows their industry inside and out. Our long-term relationships with businesses like yours allow us to offer the right mix of established industry expertise and innovative technologies to ensure your packaged goods are delivered safely to consumers worldwide.


Managed IT Services

We provide various managed IT services to help you maintain and protect your business from costly service disruptions. Our team remotely looks at any potential IT issues through managed services before they affect your business. Our comprehensive managed services include backup disaster recovery, cybersecurity, network, and email security services.


Backup and Disaster Response

Beringer Backup and Disaster Response Services offer a complete suite of data backup, storage, and recovery solutions to safeguard your business from data loss in an emergency. We can minimize revenue and productivity losses during a disaster with strategic backup plans for your on-site and off-site facilities.


Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing solutions help you improve collaboration and productivity. We protect your data, guard against cybersecurity threats, and ensure optimal business productivity for your unique needs.


Email Security

Optimize your company’s email security and take control of your inbox with Email Security Services by Beringer. We offer innovative email security services to protect your business from spam, viruses, and other threats.


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts can help you design a strategy that seamlessly integrates your existing systems with CRM, ERP, productivity applications, and AI tools. This will optimize your business workflows for maximum performance.


Structured Cabling

Beringer offers structured cabling solutions to organize your business. We design and install the optimal networks for your CPG needs, so you can control all your systems from a single location and enjoy superior connectivity across all your business systems.


Wireless Networking

We can help you achieve fast and reliable connectivity to your business network, with our expert network engineers working closely with you to create a reliable, secure wireless network that is ready when you are.

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