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Wireless Site Surveys & Heatmapping

Connectivity whenever, wherever

As businesses become more and more process dependent, a reliable wireless connection can make or break a business, especially those that rely on mobile devices. Business owners are finding value in partnering with third-party suppliers to perform regular wireless site surveys ensuring their network is performing at the optimal shape.

It is a common problem in any office where some rooms or corners have a strong wireless signal but some are weak or totally dead. It is so common that you and your employees don't want to experience.

A stable and strong reliable network connection means less disruption in your business operation.

Our professional network engineers
will assess the specific needs of your business to provide the most complete WiFi coverage within your facilities.

Analyze RF Signals

Running a heatmap software exposes the areas where radio frequencies are strong and weak.

Access Points Deployment

Strategically deploy access points within the mapped location and remove unnecessary.

Optimized WiFi Channel

This ensures signal will penetrate through walls within your facilities to lessen weak spots.

Beringer Technology Group will perform an interior and exterior site survey at your request and convenience. This is to ensure you have not only enough points, but that they are in the proper locations for your internet to run smoothly and efficiently, --permanently.

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