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In today's increasingly data and bandwidth-intensive computing, structured cabling is becoming the most important backbone of data center infrastructure, big or small.

Your data center acts as a heart that pumps the lifeblood of your business. When it's interrupted, all operational activity stops. And when it encounters issues, the same happens to your business productivity- endless issues can plague a data center. Improper cabling can be an underlying problem that most people neglect until something catastrophic has happened to their data center.

In years past, data center cable management was often a problem that stopped business operations and halted communication channels. Troubleshooting these issues with a bad cabling structure, pulling and plugging cable connections is a timely and frustrating series of trial and error.

Beringer Technology Group understands this and we have a great solution for your business.


Our services ensure organized and manageable structured cabling

Here’s how it’s done

  • Design your data center cabling infrastructure visually
  • Document cabling installation
  • Measure the length of cable you need before installation
  • Create precise instructions for data center cable installation
  • Validate your connections
  • Plan for today, and growth in the future


Planning &

Effective planning is imperative for any design strategy. This can minimize or reduce cabling life-cycle cost which applies to both current infrastructure and future needs.



Physically Secured

Ensure all wiring closets and/or other places where the network infrastructure components are placed have been physically secured from both the public and employees.




Analyze wired and device performance to check device details including current node status, device information, average response time, packet loss, etc.



Maintenance &

We don't just lay cables and go home, we commit to serve all our clients beyond the installation process.


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