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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect your Marlton, NJ business from data loss and reduce downtime in the event of a disaster


Unlike large enterprises, many small businesses cannot afford optimal in-house data backup strategies to ensure recovery from a disaster. These companies are at risk of being put out of business due to any major loss of critical data, including emails, accounting data, patient or client files, company records, and legal records.

Beringer offers reliable, affordable data backup and disaster recovery solutions to companies in Marlton, NJ that virtually eliminate human error and equipment failure. All data is kept in a military-grade backup facility with mirrored backup locations. Whether you are backing up for compliance, disaster recovery or archiving, your data is easily accessible and always available whenever and wherever you need it.

“Let us implement a disaster recovery plan with regular, systematic and verified backup of your company’s files.”

Our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions include:

  • Real-time managed backups - We capture all changes in increments of 15 minutes.
  • On-site virtual server - Our server virtualization technology embedded in the Network Attached Storage (NAS) allows servers to be restored and rebooted within two hours.
  • Full hard drive images - We generate an image of all hard drive partitions, encrypt and compress data to ensure availability and redundancy.
  • Flexible data restoration - Our solution allows for a quick and intuitive recovery of files, folders, partitions, emails, and databases.
  • Secure remote storage - We transmit the imaged data to a secure offsite location where it resides in an encrypted, compressed format.
  • Proactive monitoring - Our support department monitors your backups around the clock.
  • Affordable pricing - We offer a pricing package that is all-inclusive of the complete data backup and disaster recovery service with no hidden costs.