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Searching for a reliable Microsoft Office 365 partner in the New Jersey or Philadelphia area you can trust? Let Beringer Technology Group help boost your productivity with Microsoft Office 365 solutions delivered by experienced, knowledgeable experts.

Microsoft Office 365 is an integral part of Microsoft 365, a full suite of familiar, easy-to-use, labor-saving applications that help accelerate your productivity and get your business done quickly, from virtually anywhere. Here are the legacy tools you and your colleagues have been using for years: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, with the addition of Teams and other Office Web Apps. PC installations also include Publisher and Access. The difference is that these services are delivered from the cloud to almost any device at any time, in any location, and always incorporating the latest updates. Enterprises large and small can enjoy full access to documents, email, web conferencing and calendars, anywhere you happen to be, whenever you have business to take care of. Flexible and scalable, it will fit your needs no matter how simple or complex they may be.

Using most web browsers, you can directly access, view, and edit your documents. With your whole team on board, you can communicate and collaborate easily and efficiently, to keep in touch with your contacts more frequently.

Microsoft Office 365 from Beringer gives you:

  • file

    Remote Access to Your Files and Documents

    Enjoy easy, hassle-free access to all your assets whether you're at work, at home, traveling or on vacation. Anywhere there's web access, you remain part of your team, plugged into what's going on with your business.

  • suite

    Online Versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint

    The friendly, familiar suite of Microsoft Office tools are there at the press of a button. Write documents, generate spreadsheets, design, and launch slide shows, communicate around the world, conduct video meetings or conferences. All these and much more are available directly from the cloud, ready to use with a click.

  • seamless

    Seamless Collaboration Even in Remote Working Conditions

    Send a quick message, craft a detailed email, collaborate on a complex plan, attend a virtual meeting, or address your whole company … from home, from a distant branch office, from a hotel, from a vacation resort. Microsoft Office 365 has shrunk the world more than ever before. You’re connected, when and where you want to be.

  • corporate

    Corporate Social Network Platform

    Social media is becoming the preferred communication channel for many people. Reach them where they live, work and play. Put your organization's message in front of them right where you know their attention is focused. You'll have all the tools you need to establish a meaningful, impactful, cyber-presence.

  • communication

    Advanced Communication Tools Like IM, Web Conferencing, and Multi-Party Data Sharing

    Whether you need to communicate immediately and effectively with a single person, collaborate with an entire project team, or go wide with an online conference, you can do it easily and effectively. The internet is your meeting room, perfect for any kind of information-sharing session you need to accomplish. Reach out in your own time and choice of media.

  • mailbox

    Mailboxes With Abundant Storage

    Each member of your team can have their separate mailbox and storage space with quick and easy access while air-tight security assures authorized access only. Each member of your team can have the storage capacity that's required and, of course, that can be flexible when the need arises.

  • Abundant

    Protected and Flexible File and Email Storage

    Working in the cloud gives you all the storage you need for files, emails, and anything else, with quick, private access at any time and solid security against unauthorized intrusion by anyone else. You can have as much or as little capacity as you need, and that can fluctuate easily if you should encounter a major project or perhaps have a seasonal ebb and flow of your business.

  • storytelling

    Digital Storytelling Tools

    Whether for widespread advertising and promotion, or to communicate with colleagues in a team meeting, or perhaps to generate a series of training videos, you can tell your story easily and effectively with these tools. Powerful editing and publishing applications bring the power of video, animation, or creative imagery to your desktop. Tell your story, succinctly and professionally, entirely in-house.

  • security

    Security Solutions, Including Antivirus and Anti-spam

    Every time you do something online, it brings exposure to cyber-threats of various kinds. Our security solutions monitor your online presence around the clock offering protection against unauthorized intrusion, viruses, and malware, along with blocking capability to free you from spam.

  • digital

    Digital Transformation

    The style and methods of doing business are undergoing extensive changes. The proliferation of digital technology makes it possible for almost anyone to accomplish things that, in the past, would have taken a separate, outsourced contractor to supply. The power to excel in business is shifting from the backrooms of massive conglomerates to a single desktop … and eventually, to the palm of your hand. This “Digital Transformation” should not scare anyone, but it is vital that those wishing to have an impact on the business world keep up with these capabilities. Beringer can offer you the key to this tool chest. We can make sure you are up to date with the digital universe and that you have access to the same level playing field as everyone else, large or small. Let Beringer be your guide on this journey to the possible.


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