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Expert Managed IT Support Services for New Jersey and Philadelphia Businesses. Trust Beringer as your local Managed IT Support expert.

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Managed IT Services & Support for New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland Businesses

Business today is extremely complex. Whether or not your local New Jersey or Philadelphia business centers on data or communication, these two aspects are at the very core of every enterprise. Serving a customer base is really managing and protecting data. Keeping those customers informed and satisfied requires reliable communication.

Today, the backbone of all business is IT. You need both your data storage and handling systems as well as your communication channels to be up and running at their peak performance 24/7/365. But you are probably not in the IT business. Every minute spent struggling with IT issues is time you are not directing your energy and talent toward your key business goals.

Fail-safe your business and gain year-round peace of mind with Managed IT Support Services from Beringer, the most trusted IT service and support firm in New Jersey and the Philadelphia area.

Beringer is your IT support partner. With constant oversight by Beringer, you can focus on the passions that made your business successful. Our Managed IT Support experts monitor your system, protect your data and communication, recommend upgrades that can boost your company’s efficiency and respond quickly to any questions or concerns your personnel might have.


We’ve Got Your Business Technology Covered with Our Managed IT Support Services

Protection of vital data, mostly from clients who are expecting their information to be safe in your hands, is one of the most important functions of an IT department. A good provider of Managed IT services like Beringer can recommend, implement, and deploy the latest IT security measures to protect your data. We ensure seamless access for qualified personnel — critical to daily functioning — while guarding against access from unauthorized sources.

Human intervention is not the only threat to secured data. Fires, floods and natural disasters can wipe out years of accumulated data. Nothing secures this data better than backing it up on a regular schedule to reliable storage systems. Best practice is to back up and store data off-premises entirely, so Beringer can set your company’s data storage system up in the cloud for maximum protection.

If data is the lifeblood of business, communication provides the circulation that must keep flowing, secure from malicious intervention. Beringer understands the critical nature of keeping your communication online and protected. These days, keeping your assets safe from malicious email is a full-time concern. Beringer keeps your protection software up to date and handles any suspicious traffic before it arrives.

A Quick Snapshot of Our Managed IT Services

Beringer Managed IT Services forms a partnership with you and your company, allowing you to concentrate on your core business goals and leave the oversight of your IT systems to us. Much more than a “repair crew” that comes running after something goes wrong, we strive to ensure that those incidents never happen. We catch the IT issues before they affect operations and protect your enterprise from service disruptions that can be costly and range from a nuisance to a catastrophe.

Backup and Disaster Recovery — Protecting your data and your systems against threats from malicious activity to equipment failure to localized or widespread disasters with “industry best practice” backup methods and secure cloud storage.

Network and Security Assessments — Evaluating your existing IT network for efficiency and security, suggesting improvements and implementing any needed upgrades.

Cybersecurity — Protecting you from the flow of malicious online traffic, allowing only legitimate communication to come through, blocking everything from phishing attempts to prank malware to loss-of-service attacks and cyber-ransom schemes.

Email security and Spam Control — While your email is the front door for your business, it’s important to protect that door from unwanted or hazardous intrusion. It takes just the right touch, as spam can waste time that your personnel could be using to achieve goals, while missing important email that has been incorrectly labeled as “spam” can be even worse.

The Benefits of Beringer's Managed IT Support Services are Endless

The highly skilled experts at Beringer are certified in multiple technologies and experienced in handling IT issues both remotely and onsite. They understand how the IT environment affects your company’s workflow and what it takes to keep everything working smoothly.

Tailored Managed IT Service Packages

Trust Beringer to remotely manage your IT infrastructure, networks, data, and cyber security. We can manage part of your IT operations or function as your virtual IT department. Just starting up? This is the perfect time to let us advise you on best practices for selecting hardware, software, network and cybersecurity components, and building out your technology infrastructure.

Predictable Costs 24/7

Most companies these days need to closely rein in their budgets and avoid unnecessary costs. Imagine the impact on your limited IT budget of even a single IT outage that brings your entire operation to a halt for 24 hours or more. Now imagine the benefits of being able to predict your yearly IT costs precisely and stick to that figure.

Ramped-up Productivity

You have meticulously selected your employees for their skills and specialized knowledge. Allow them to do what they do best, which doesn’t include trying to become instant computer experts when a glitch happens in your IT system. Leave the creating to them; leave the IT management to us.

We Continue to Earn Your Business

We realize that there are many IT services providers for you to choose from, and we keep that in mind at all times. Beringer has attained the level of respect we have through our unparalleled customer service and support. We’re there for you when you need us, and often, before you even know you need us. Let Beringer show you what we can do for your business.

What you can Expect from Beringer’s Managed IT Service

Here’s what a few of our satisfied customers have had to say about our services:

Find out for yourself how thorough, dependable, and knowledgeable Beringer Technology Group can be. Check us out at, give us a call at 1-800-796-4854 or email us at Let Beringer show you how our Managed IT Service can provide you with complete peace of mind.