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Dynamics 365

Fast, flexible, and affordable solution to customer relationship management. Choose Beringer as your local Microsoft Dynamics 365 expert consulting partner. Proudly serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and more!

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MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 is your solution for management of your customer relationships. It's flexible, fast, and affordable to let you experience the value quickly while being efficient and easy to use. Beringer has been helping businesses like yours manage their customer relationships for over twenty years. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the latest and the greatest tool for this purpose.

With offices in South and Central New Jersey, and servicing the Philadelphia area, the Beringer team are experts at Microsoft Dynamics 365. We’ll help you plan your project and get the most out of this powerful application. We can work out the best strategy for integrating it with your current system to work in perfect harmony with your present applications and workflow.

The key link in this process is the people who will use it, and we provide training for them so that they can get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 from day one.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 ― What is it?

Working in unison with Outlook and Office, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a feature-rich system designed for Customer Relationship Management. It can support your sales and marketing as well as your service-based users. There is a minor learning curve, and your team should be proficient in it in almost no time. Team-wide collaboration and improved data integrity are key outcomes with Dynamics 365.


Get Started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 from a Local Partner

Choose from the purchase method, for which Beringer will oversee all installation, configuration, customizing, and license acquisitions. Or select our Software-as-a-Service model and never worry about updates again.


The Big Picture

Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you a detailed overview of all your customer relationship activity. As an email comes in, it is stored in a file that is all about that specific client. You get an overview of their full history with your company through a single click. Team collaboration is simplified and all customer activities are linked to the account or contacts.


Integral Microsoft Dynamics 365 Toolbar, Menu and Folder System

If you spend much of your time working in Microsoft Outlook, you don’t have to switch to a web browser to take advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365’s powerful functions. Outlook and Dynamics 365 work together seamlessly, as if they were the same application. And Dynamics 365’s location in the cloud fully supports your remote team members.

Microsoft Dynamics FAQs

Clients are the lifeblood of any enterprise. When your Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing teams all have access to the same information about customers, it builds confidence in your company’s ability to meet goals and deliver great service.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes from one of the largest software developers in the world ... a company you've worked with since the dawn of personal computing. Dynamics 365 has a minimal learning curve and can be trusted to perform as expected from day 1.
Every business should be efficient when accessing and managing customers’ information. With hundreds or thousands of data points for each customer, this could be challenging. Wouldn't it be helpful to have any member of any team throughout your company be aware of any given client's records right when they need it, when on the phone, or composing an email? Microsoft Dynamics 365 can do that for you. With Dynamics 365, your company will gain a reputation for being organized and efficient, without wasting time finding answers across multiple databases or sending out conflicting answers from different teams. Talk to the Beringer team about the ways that Microsoft Dynamics 365 can boost your business' reputation with your customer base, because happy customers improve your bottom line and elevate your business.