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Protecting New Jersey and Philadelphia Businesses Since 1995. Explore Beringer's fully-managed Cyber Security services today. Trust your business with our cyber security experts.

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What Are Cybersecurity Services?

For many local New Jersey and Philadelphia-area enterprises today, your entire business exists on your computer system. It holds much of your expertise as well as data entrusted to you by your clients and partners. This information must be protected from hackers, bad actors and data thieves. Threats that come from outside your system usually find their way to you via cyberspace, using the internet for both untargeted malicious emails or bots, and directly targeted attacks on your system. Sophisticated hackers can cut through basic security with ease; we’re way past the point where a standard firewall can provide enough protection. And certain kinds of attacks attempt to manipulate you with social engineering to trick you into inviting them in, past your defenses. Rely on Beringer's Managed IT support services to deliver advanced security technology that protects your digital assets from attack regardless of what form it takes. Our services ensure complete end-to-end protection.

Here’s How We Do It:

We Identify Vulnerabilities via Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Before we do anything, we evaluate and understand your systems. We analyze your workflow and catalog the digital assets you work with to achieve that workflow. We identify vulnerable parts of your process and recommend more efficient and more secure strategies that will tighten up your overall security infrastructure.

We Design a Strategy That Addresses Your Vulnerabilities

Perhaps your protection strategies are weakest in areas of outdated hardware or software. We can advise you on strengthening your system through key upgrades. If your most vulnerable assets are your personnel, we can help shore them up against possible attacks as well, through training and periodic awareness reviews.

We Keep You Updated on High Impact It Threats

Arming your system with the latest methods of identifying and guarding against incoming attacks is only our first step. We also educate your staff about possible threats that work by luring people into making certain key mistakes. We’ll keep your entire workforce updated on the latest online attack strategies while we harden your digital defenses so that you are protected from all forms of cyber-attack.

We Provide Routine Security Audits to Help You Achieve Compliance

Things change, cyber threats evolve, strategies are developed and revised. We are continually reviewing the technology landscape for known and emerging threats. Once we have you set up for optimum cybersecurity effectiveness, we establish a regular schedule of security audits to track how your system is doing, update you against increasingly sophisticated threats and make sure your protection is air tight.

We Routinely Monitor and Maintain Security Solutions to Ensure Your Systems Are Fully Secure

We can monitor your system remotely and keep watch for anything that would trigger a red flag warning. We’re at your service around the clock so if you encounter anything that raises concern, reach out to us and we’ll deal with it, remotely if possible, or in person at the earliest opportunity.

We Develop a Strategic Approach to Data Access and Management

Not all security attacks come from cyberspace. Your system also needs to be protected from intrusion from within. Your team must be allowed seamless access to the data they work with on a day-to-day basis … and those who are not authorized must be kept out. We can set up your access points to recognize authorized personnel while protecting your systems from intrusion by anyone else.

New Jersey and Philadelphia’s Leading Managed It Security Experts

Consider us your remote IT Department. We closely monitor the daily activity on your system, including any attempts at malicious intrusion from outside and how your system went about blocking such threats. We make sure your email traffic is protected, guarding against any worms, viruses or phishing schemes. Beringer covers your system with a virtual “suit of armor” through which nothing can pass that has not been scrutinized and approved. We offer you peace of mind.

Identity Management

A risk to your system’s security can come from human intruders, too. Not all data is meant for all eyes. Some things should to be on a need-to-know basis. Our protection surrounds your systems in security measures to ensure that only fully authorized personnel gain access to your data, and that each person is granted only the level of access that has been approved for that person.

Threat Protection

There are certain vulnerabilities that prospective attackers know about all too well. We offer advanced security strategies to address potential security holes so that data, communication, and personnel that are intended to get in are allowed access, while unauthorized, malicious and tactical exploits are thwarted. An access point is only as secure as the protection it’s been provided with.

Compliance Solutions

We will implement a range of solutions to block hacking attempts and harden your communication channels against intrusion while ensuring full compliance with regulations that may apply to your industry, such as HIPPA or PCI. Your security, along with that of your customers and partners, are ensured in compliance with all relevant industry-related regulations.

Why Choose Beringer to Be Your Managed Cybersecurity Services Expert for Your New Jersey or Philadelphia Business?

In a few words: “turnkey” IT service and peace of mind. Beringer is your all-in-one cybersecurity solution. Let us show you how to protect your most important asset: information. We can recommend a system if you’re building from scratch, or firm up your protection at any point along the path of your progress. Rely on us to help you secure your business, and then to keep monitoring and staying in touch while you concentrate on your core mission. We don’t sell you a plan and then disappear; we’re in it for the long haul.

Beringer Is a Complete Managed Services Provider. Here’s How We Blend in With Other Managed It Services:

Total IT security has many facets, each with its own component parts. We offer a blend of services that takes you seamlessly to full cybersecurity protection. Let us set you up with 24/7/365 monitoring and ongoing, in-depth analysis, to predict potential hazards and respond to any issues that crop up in your systems. We offer wall-to-wall managed IT, done right.

What Makes Beringer’s Cyber Security Experts Unique?

We offer a comprehensive blend of services, delivered by a unique blend of IT cybersecurity professionals. Our team spans many years of experience, many types of expertise and many satisfied clients who trust us to keep their business and their data protected and functioning steadily without any costly interruptions.

If your business is based in New Jersey or eastern Pennsylvania and requires a secure, reliable and cost-effective cybersecurity solution, talk with the Beringer team about all the ways we can keep your systems secure.

What You Can Expect From Beringer’s Managed It Service

Here’s what a few of our satisfied customers have had to say about our services: