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Backup and
Disaster Recovery

Protect your New Jersey and Philadelphia business from data loss in the event of an emergency. We are experts in effective data backup and recovery solutions and business continuity.

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In the Information Age, your data IS your business. It is the lifeblood of everything you do. And you’ve been entrusted with data that belongs to your clients and partners, as well. Protecting this data from unrecoverable loss is the highest priority of any IT operation.

Talk to the Beringer Team. We can offer dependable, cost-effective solutions for automated data backup that bypasses any possible human error or failure of key components. We keep your data protected in military-grade virtual servers with even further backup measures.

What Does Data Backup Done Right Look Like?

Real-Time Managed Backups

We don’t wait until the end of the day; we update your backup files every 15 minutes.

On-Site Virtual Server

State-of-the-art server virtualization technology allows all servers to be restored and rebooted in about two hours.

Hard Drive Imaging

We produce images of all hard drive partitions, then the data is encrypted and compressed so it’s readily available to you.

Express Restoration of Data

The Beringer system is designed for fast and intuitive recovery of all the elements of your data, including files, folders, partitions, databases, and emails.

Secure Remote Storage

Data is then sent offsite to a secure location where it remains in imaged form, encrypted, and compressed, until the next update.

Proactive Monitoring

We monitor your backed-up data around the clock.

Affordable Pricing

You’ll find peace of mind eminently affordable with our package that includes backup and recovery services, free of any hidden costs.


Getting You Back On Your Feet

When your data is protected and stored the proper way, reacquiring that data following an outage is actually a simple and rapid process. You get your data back in the same format you were used to working with it, organized, and indexed, because that’s the way it’s stored. Whether you encounter a flood, storm, fire, or a complete system failure, rest assured that you can have your business data back the way it looked and functioned the day before the incident.

Talk to us at Beringer. Our team can show you what you need to know about data backup and recovery. It’s our business to keep your business flowing smoothly.

Throughout New Jersey and the Philadelphia area, we have your back.