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We’ve all heard about the amazing benefits of working through the Cloud, but do you really know what this could do for your IT operations? Beringer Technology Group helps New Jersey and Philadelphia-area businesses ensure optimal productivity. Here’s how we can help:

Cloud Solutions as a Service

Whatever your New Jersey or Philadelphia-area enterprise’s core mission is, it’s probably not to put all your time and energy into managing IT facilities and systems. The Cloud philosophy says, “leave that to us, the IT people.” That way, you can forge ahead with your business the way you intended, confident in the knowledge that your business data and IT needs are covered. To meet your technology requirements you can select from different levels of Cloud services to ensure the best fit for your business.


How Does Cloud Computing Work?

After a thorough audit of your operations by our experts, your business data will be uploaded from your physical infrastructure to cloud servers. From that point on, your data is safely stored in a form that cannot be damaged by local events, and which can be quickly restored if it needed.


Benefits of Cloud Computing Technology

Protection of data from damage or loss is just one benefit of cloud services. Beringer cyber security can guard against malicious attacks, whether hacking, spoofing, malware, or unauthorized access. Your data is safe inside a virtual vault and available to you all day, every day. Authorized personnel will have no trouble accessing whatever they need to do their jobs while additional protections are in place to ensure bad actors never gain access.

Types of Cloud Computing Solutions

SaaS — Software as a Service

You’ll no longer need to purchase, update, or upgrade your software because it no longer lives on your local hard drive. Request the software you need to do the job at hand, and it will download to your desktop or mobile device. No more chasing after the latest version, it will be brought directly to you.

IaaS — Infrastructure as a Service

For some applications, you need to upgrade your IT infrastructure. What if you didn’t have to do that? Need more? Request more. Need less? Request less. It’s flexible according to your changing requirements. Never overpay for resources again.

PaaS — Platform as a ServicePaaS — Platform as a Service

Did you know you can have an IT operation without any IT platform at all? Leave that up to us. We can configure everything you need to carry out your business with no worries about choosing or upgrading anything. Talk to us and let us show you how this works.

Private or Hybrid

There are different types of Cloud services, including private and public Clouds, and a hybrid mix of the two. A private Cloud serves your company exclusively, while a public Cloud can handle any number of clients at any given time. The public Cloud is more efficient because any momentary downtime in working on one client’s content can be filled with another client’s work. A hybrid Cloud combines the key features of both types.

Why Cloud Computing is Right for Your Business

Next-level efficiency. Next-level productivity. Next-level collaboration. New Jersey and Philadelphia businesses trust Beringer Technology Group to provide the right solution at the right time with ongoing professional support.

The Cloud goes wherever your people do. Wherever there are mobile devices. Wherever there is internet connectivity.

Expand or contract your capacity as you go. It’s easy to do. You never pay for any services or resources you don’t use.

Talk to the knowledgeable team at Beringer Technology Group today, and let them show you how to cut costs, focus your productivity and concentrate on your business.

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  • Fully scalable
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  • Complete support