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Microsoft Power Platform

Power Platform is a cloud-based suite of business solutions that includes low/no-code app development, workflow automation, business intelligence, and data analytics in a rich environment of integrations with Microsoft and third-party apps.


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What is Microsoft Power Platform?

Power Platform is part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) product line. Dynamics 365 apps are designed to improve operational efficiency and customer experience.

Power Platform provides various apps that automate processes, build solutions, analyze data, and create virtual agents. It’s an excellent solution for businesses trying to unify their processes under a single platform.

Microsoft Power Platform Components

Power Platform consists of four major components. Each component solves a specific business need:

Business Analytics

Mobile-Friendly App Development

Workflow Automation

Bot Development

Power Apps

Power Apps is Power Platform’s no-code/low-code app development solution. Software development is generally a long process, but Power Apps gives you the tools to create business apps you can use on Android or iOS devices, tablets, and desktops without long development times.

  • Custom Business Applications :

    Sometimes you have a particular problem for which there are no software solutions. In those cases, Power Apps allows you to develop one without going through a lengthy development process.

    Power Apps offers rapid no-code/low-code app solutions for circumstances such as logging employee holidays, event registrations, employee expenses, and more.

  • Create Various Types of Apps :

    There are three kinds of apps you can create with Power Apps.

    Canvas Apps are very flexible. Model-Driven Apps are more constrained by the limits of the data you input into them and are great for apps that require complex business logic. Finally, Portals allows you to create interactive websites.

  • Wide Availability :

    Power Apps is designed to create responsive apps that can be used on mobile/tablet and desktop, allowing employees to manage them from anywhere.

Power Automate

Formerly known as Microsoft Flow, it’s been integrated into Power Platform as a tool for automating manual, repetitive processes in Office 365, Azure, and non-Microsoft systems, quickly and without coding.

  • Process Automation : With Power Automate, you can use templates to automate repetitive, everyday tasks such as receiving notifications for high-priority emails, approving workflows, synchronizing files, collecting data, and more. Available on mobile and desktop.

  • Integrations with Other Applications : Power Automate integrates with hundreds of Microsoft and third-party apps. It works with Office 365 and Azure but can also integrate with Trello, Dropbox, Twitter, and dozens more.

  • Reduction of Human Error : You can reduce human error and make your business more efficient by automating everyday repetitive tasks.

Power BI

Power BI offers business data analysis and business intelligence (BI). Its key purpose is the ability to turn large data sets into engaging and actionable visual representations.

  • Data Visualization and Insights : Non-technical business users can use the Excel-like interface to aggregate, analyze, visualize, and share business data for insights. It integrates with the Microsoft ecosystem and dozens of third-party platforms such as Google Sheets.

  • Interactive Reports and Dashboards : Power BI allows you to create reports to answer relevant business questions, tell stories with data, and anticipate future circumstances based on past data. You can also create data dashboards with everything you need to know about a specific aspect of your business.

Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents is a no-code/low-code solution to develop chatbots that resolve customer issues and common questions.

  • AI-Powered Chatbots : With its no-code/low-code approach, Power Virtual Agents allows you to automate some of your customer services, covering the most common issues and questions. Chatbots will enable you to scale customer support operations while saving on costs and collecting data you can use to improve your service.

  • Customer Support and Engagement : Intelligent chatbots help customers resolve the most basic issues 24/7 without contacting human support. It empowers your customers and enables you to reduce customer support costs while your agents focus on higher-value interactions.

  • Increase Revenue : Based on customer needs, interests, and communications, chatbots can offer relevant products and services tailored to each client, increasing revenue.

  • Integrations : Power Virtual Agents can integrate with MS Teams and Omnichannel for Customer Service, a suite of services that, among other things, allows customers to escalate from a chatbot to human interaction with customer service agents.

Microsoft Power Platform Benefits

Improves efficiency and productivity

Streamlines workflows

Make your work processes more efficient, less time-consuming, and less prone to human error. Automates manual tasks Automate manual, repetitive tasks such as setting up notifications for high-priority messages and workflow approvals. Focus your time on high-value manual processes.

Enhances data insights and decision making

Data visualization and analysis

Increase your business intelligence and get the data you need when you need it in an easily-digestible format.

Real-time insights

Power BI can show real-time data streams to help businesses make informed decisions on time-sensitive topics.

Integration and customization

Integration with Microsoft and third-party products

Power Platform apps integrate with over a hundred other apps, including the entire Microsoft business and office solutions ecosystem and third-party apps such as Trello, Dropbox, and many more.

Customizable to meet unique business needs

The flexibility of the integration system allows businesses to tailor their environment with the apps and integrations that provide the most value for their needs.

Quick and easy development

No coding required

Some of Power Platform’s offerings require no software development knowledge at all to create apps and solutions. They’re visually driven and minimize the need to employ full-time development teams

Low-code platforms

For more technical users, coding is still a possibility. Power Platform’s low-code features increase agility and productivity while decreasing development costs.

Enhances customer engagement and support

AI-powered chatbots

Free up your customer support agents’ time by screening out the most basic and common issues to focus on providing higher-value customer support.


Personalized customer experiences

Power Virtual Agents provides problem-solving and product recommendation features for customers based on the contents of the conversation and the customer’s needs.

Why use Microsoft Power Platform?

Power Platform offers a suite of apps that can help your business:

  • Automate workflows with Power Automate.
  • Develop apps with low-code/no-code to solve specific business needs with Power Apps.
  • Analyze, share, and visualize real-time data with Power BI.
  • Develop intelligent chatbots that resolve common issues and save time for high-value human customer support interactions with Power Virtual Agents.

Beringer Technology Group has an experienced team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts that help businesses find solutions to their needs and increase operational efficiency with Power Platform.

If you’re looking for a suite of cloud-based business solutions, Beringer Technology Group’s Power Platform experts will help you
develop the strategies you need to keep growing.