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Are you confident in your company’s network security?

Many SMBs and enterprises alike don’t feel they are at risk of network infrastructure attacks, but the reality is they’re often the most common targets of cyber criminals. An alarming number of businesses close their doors within one year of a network attack- an event your business can comprehensively prepare for, if not fully prevent.

We provide companies in South Jersey, NJ with in depth network security consulting and auditing services. Our network security consultants have years of experience helping business increase their security posture. Your business is in safe hands with our expert network security auditing- we'll help identify vulnerabilities and secure your assets.

Beringer Technology Group’s Network Security consulting utilizes comprehensive auditing and network testing to identify any potential vulnerabilities and keep a variety of harmful threats at bay.


Our services ensure total network security

Here’s how it’s done

  • We identify vulnerabilities via comprehensive network assessments
  • We will inform your leadership of high impact IT threats
  • We strategize to resolve your weaknesses
  • We audit your network regularly to identify new threats
  • We fully manage your network security

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