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What is a CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a powerful technology that helps a company manage all relationships and interactions with customers. CRMs help companies streamline services, improve profitability, and stay connected to customers. Industry-specific CRMS can help companies fill gaps in their current structure.



Years of Experience

How Beringer’s CRM for Distribution Solutions
Helps Boost Data Usability

Empower your current systems with a tailor-made and integrated customer management and sales solution. Beringer’s CRM integrates directly with your ERP system to empower your teams and increase sales while boosting efficiency. Fast start-up and onboarding due to many pre-built integrations.

Beringer CRM for Distribution Solutions gives you access to everything you need to see, understand, and organize. Our CRM is designed to give your team everything they need to increase sales, improve efficiency, and deliver fast customer service:

  • crm

    Quick access to all customer, sales, and inventory data thanks to ERP integrations.

  • crm

    Goal setting and tracking through KPI reporting, customer insights, and activity monitoring for data-driven forecasting reports.

  • crm

    Streamlining your sales process by assigning leads through automated business processes.

Our CRM Functionalities

Distributors need to increase sales productivity, reduce sales cycles and costs, decrease response times, improve customer support, and measure all activities and expenditures to ensure an acceptable return on investment. Beringer’s CRM for Distribution is a Microsoft Certified Solution that melds powerful sales automation capabilities with fully bidirectional integrated, real-time data from your ERP system. We understand the distribution industry. To help fill the gaps in the industry, we built a tailor-made CRM solution that addresses the most common pain points.

  • dashboards

    Custom Dashboards

    Create custom dashboards, reports, and charts that align with your company’s needs and reporting requirements.

  • profiles

    Custom Security Profiles

    Provide individualized access to your team by creating specific security profiles to manage who has access to your company’s information.

  • tracking

    Invoice Tracking & Reports

    Revolutionize your purchasing process with a user-friendly e-commerce portal that connects with our other capabilities for seamless invoice tracking and expense reporting.

  • Integration

    Full ERP Integration

    Bi-directional integration with your ERP system provides a holistic picture of accounts for sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

  • forecasting

    Opportunity Tracking & Forecasting

    We make it easier to set and track goals using KPI reporting, powered by customer insights and activity monitoring.

  • sales-history

    Sales History

    Quickly and easily gather quotes, orders, and sales history to get suggested sale items for individual customers.

  • automation

    Business Automation

    Set your business on autopilot by creating unique business process automation commands that speed efficiency and boost profitability.

Benefits of CRM for Distribution

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, CRM for Distribution is a customer relationship management (CRM) software platform designed to centralize all data about your current and future customers, so your teams can stay on top of their tasks. Beringer’s CRM for Distribution is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution tailored explicitly for the wholesale distribution industry. It provides critical information about prospects, customers, suppliers, and sales teams at your fingertips. Beringer is a qualified leader in ERP to CRM data integrations. We have proven strategies from many distribution and supply chain implementations to deliver a great CRM solution that will unify your sales and marketing force, accelerate your company’s growth, and significantly extend its reach.

At Beringer, we don’t make off-the-shelf CRM solutions. We make specialized tools designed for you to help you dominate your industry and overhaul your processes. We provide you access to the latest cutting-edge tools revolutionizing the distribution industry, so you are always a step ahead of your competition.

  • achieve

    Achieve Faster Deliveries

    Increase sales productivity, decrease response times, and provide better customer service than the competition. View and analyze your business from every aspect to provide superior customer service, anticipate your customer’s needs, and implement a comprehensive sales strategy.

  • workflow

    Improve Workflow Efficiency

    You can direct your sales and marketing teams to target your most valuable accounts with automated customer ranking. Tap into the power of sales automation and AI-automated processes to reduce employee time spent on repetitive tasks.

  • profitability

    Boost Sales Profitability

    Start sales mapping, optimize your distribution routes, and access better customer insights to help your sales team become more proactive and profitable. Take sales to the next level with predictive analysis and actionable data at your fingertips.

  • team

    Improve Team Collaboration

    Improve cross-functional collaboration within your organization. Achieve results-driven partnerships with customers and suppliers to boost your bottom line. Keep employees focused on your most important goals through collaborative workspaces.

  • customer-service

    Optimize Customer Service

    Cover all the touchpoints of your customer’s journey and foster every lead into healthy, long-lasting relationships. You can now predict sales with behavior insights and order history to optimize customer management and service.

At Beringer, we know the distribution industry. We can create custom CRM solutions that focus your efforts on the most important information and activities.

At Beringer, We Have
a CRM for Your Industry

With Beringer’s CRM for Distribution solution, your sales teams can roll up or drill down into detailed data by customer, vendor, sales, or supplier, allowing them to see a comprehensive picture of an account or opportunity. CRM for Distribution is designed to facilitate the workflows of businesses in various industries.

  • wholesale

    Wholesale & Distribution

    Our solution helps wholesalers and distributors build new relationships, nurture ongoing connections, foster internal collaboration for higher sales and provide better customer service.

  • manufacturing


    Manufacturers have so much to gain from CRM for Distribution, including optimized production cycle, centralized data, reduced new product time-to-market, real-time reporting, and improved supply chain efficiency.

  • supply-chain

    Supply Chain

    CRM for Distribution enables businesses in the supply chain industry to provide a faster and more flexible response to customer requirements, optimize stock inventory, automate processes, and monitor the overall quality of goods.

Our Streamlined Process

Our experience in implementation, configuration, training, and support of Customer Relationship Management spans 20 years as a company. Let Beringer’s onboarding experts help you implement the ultimate CRM solution for your business. From onboarding and beyond, Beringer will assist every step of the way.

Step 1:

Analyze Pain Points

First, you’ll meet with our customer success team for a discovery call. We’ll discuss your business needs and pain points to see how Beringer CRM services can be customized to meet your needs.

Step 2:

Dashboard Creation

From there, our talented team will custom tailor your CRM dashboard to accommodate your current workflow, integrations, and ERP software. Simultaneously, we’ll create personalized dashboards for everyone on your team, including sales, executives, admins, purchasing, and compliance teams.

Step 3:

Training Support

Finally, our onboarding process involves training support to ensure you get the most out of Beringer CRM. Our team will perform various scenarios and customized training sessions. Ongoing support and training will always be available to your team.


Beringer Technology Group is an Industry Leader in CRM/ERP Integration

Beringer is a qualified leader in ERP to CRM data integrations. We have proven strategies from many distribution and supply chain implementations to deliver a great CRM solution that will unify your sales and marketing force, accelerate your company’s growth, and significantly extend its outreach. Our solutions have been deployed for over 1,000 companies across various industries, and our commitment to providing high-quality, proactive services is second to none.

Be protected. Be productive. Be profitable.

Get in touch with Beringer and we’ll show you how