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Wireless Network Services

Delivering high performance, meshed wireless network solutions in New Jersey and Philadelphia. Beringer’s wireless network solutions will help your team be connected, productive and secure.

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Availability & Support

Whether you’re looking to enhance the availability of your network, streamline connection speed, or simplify WiFi access and management in your business, Beringer is here to help. Beringer features industry-leading wireless connectivity and radio products that fit your organization’s needs. With our wireless networking services, you can:

  • Maximize your company’s productivity by keeping your employees connected everywhere they go.
  • Streamline processes across all departments by having a fast, reliable network that allows everyone access where and when they need it.
  • Utilize your team more efficiently on WiFi, thanks to managed monitoring and maintenance services.

The Beringer Wireless Networking Difference

In today’s world of wireless connectivity and mobility, your business’s wireless network is a critical component in your enterprise. Whether you’re adding or removing WiFi-enabled hardware to the network or going mobile using applications and data on your devices, make sure your wireless network is designed to ensure peak performance and security. Our expert network engineers will work with you to create and implement a reliable and secure wireless network.

Wireless Surveys

Before we start, our team conducts a comprehensive wireless site survey. This will include indoor, outdoor, and harsh environment needs and helps us identify strategic locations for access points to guarantee effective coverage and optimal performance. Our wireless network survey features a complete system health assessment evaluating system performance, interference from the physical design of your space or any equipment in the space. We use best-of-breed heat mapping and analysis tools to provide a before and after, proven indication of coverage and density ensuring the system works to your needs and standards.

Pre-Configuration of Equipment

We deploy a range of hardware and devices for conditions from the Office to the Arctic. Our expert installation team ensures that all equipment is pre-configured before connection to your business network to reduce time required for final on-site setup. This guarantees a seamless transition to new wireless technology with the least disruption to daily business activities.

Beringer Wireless Network Management Services

Once the equipment is installed, our team performs various signal coverage tests to ensure that the wireless network meets performance expectations. If needed, Beringer will manage the network to ensure it remains at peak performance levels. Let us handle your network management tasks to maximize performance and security while your internal IT team is free to work on strategic initiatives for the business.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Let Beringer monitor your network to maximize performance, improve security and prevent service interruptions by providing:

  • Detailed performance and security monitoring
  • Monitoring and reporting of usage, system health, and events
  • Configuration and tuning alerts
  • 24/7 proactive and reactive issue identification and resolution processes

Management and Administration

Beringer will manage your wireless network and proactively address administrative tasks to give your team time to focus on strategic tasks through:

  • Maintenance, management, and moves/adds/changes
  • Automated network configuration backups
  • Security auditing, intrusion detection, and compliance management services
  • Equipment management, including troubleshooting

Why Work with Beringer for Your Wireless Networking Needs?

More and more companies are reaping the benefits of the ability to move freely with end user hardware in hand while staying connected to the network and their peers. Beringer works with industry-leading wireless solutions to deliver high speed communications on a local and wide area basis.
Ensure your network is ready to keep up with your business’ increasing need for mobility and connectivity. Beringer’s wireless network services ensure your network is prepared to boost collaboration at the highest speeds possible to take your team’s productivity to the next level.

Detailed Network Assessment & Optimization

Beringer can also review and optimize your existing wireless network configuration to pinpoint weak areas and spaces that need improvement. Our network assessment and optimization service will analyze signal strength, interference, and channel conflicts to design an optimization plan that improves your network’s performance and give you seamless coverage for corporate and guest users.

Ongoing Network Support & Management

Ensure maximum wireless network availability and maximize ROI with Beringer’s managed network services. We provide around-the-clock monitoring services to protect against security concerns and prevent service interruptions. Let your team reap the benefits of having our technical team perform back-end maintenance tasks to keep your network operating at total capacity while providing you 24/7 support.

Why Beringer for Your Wireless Networking Project?

Wireless access has become a requirement for today’s businesses. Work with Beringer to ensure your
wireless network delivers the performance, availability, and security your business needs.

Maximize Availability

Our managed wireless network services coverage prevents outages and interruptions, keeping your business connected and operational. With options for high availability and automated failover, network uptime and employee productivity will be maximized.

Boost Speed

At Beringer, we’ll design your network to meet and exceed our performance standards. Our wireless network systems deliver the highest speeds possible to every corner of your business. We provide industry-leading speeds and automatic airwave management using the latest technology to deliver superior performance.

Streamline Management

Our LAN solutions deliver a unique centralized configuration and management experience that lets you have improved visibility and control over your wireless network system. Plus, with built-in security features and 24/7 support, you’ll be notified of potential threats the moment they’re detected.

Wireless Networking Considerations

From small, simple solutions in the conference room to complex wireless network system deployments involving large spaces and various IoT devices, Beringer can help with upgrades, optimization, and maintenance of old systems. Our partnerships with industry-leading vendors enables us to assess, plan, and design ultra-high-performing, high availability wireless networks using the latest devices and solutions, resulting in a unique system that’s right for your business.

When designing your system, our network design experts will look at critical considerations such as:

  • The number of users and devices on the network
  • Network access points and security
  • Roaming and user mobility
  • Scalability of the network
  • Guest network accesses
  • Type of applications that will be running on the network
  • BYOD features
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • Critical environmental, network access, physical storage, and hardware monitoring systems

Request a Wireless Survey to Get Started

Are you interested in learning more about Beringer’s wireless network design? Get started by requesting a wireless survey to understand your network’s current status and health.