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Move your Phone System to the Cloud and Save

The days of on premise proprietary phone systems is over. If you’re still running your business on one of these systems or your current phone system is more than 5 years old you are likely at risk of disruption to your business, as many vendors have discontinued and no longer support these systems. Without access to replacement parts downtime is imminent and could cost you dearly.

Cyber Security – Keeping Data Secure in a Connected World

Did you know that 75% of network attacks and intrusions come from exploiting weak or stolen passwords? How about that the average  amount of time an attacker stays in a network before being detected is over 140 days? Once inside the network, it’s next to impossible to tell what the attacker has done and we’ve all seen the repercussions from such attacks in the news.

Dynamics 365 – Part 1 – What is Dynamics 365 and how it will be nothing less than a game changer

Most of you have heard of Office 365 (Microsoft’s cloud offering of their productivity apps – Office, Exchange, Skype, SharePoint); their sales app – Dynamics CRM and their ERP products – (Great Plains – GP, Solomon – SL, NAV – Navision and Axapta – AX). Dynamics 365 is a new offering that unifies Sales, Marketing, Service and “back office” ERP functionality in a single platform and using a common data model. Additionally Microsoft has developed two new applications; Flow and PowerApps that will also be included in this suite.

Control Sensitive Data With Rights Management

Does it worry you when you send confidential information to another person inside or outside of your organization? If not, it should. Once a message leaves your mailbox, the protection of your data is no longer under your control. Whether by malicious intent or by accident your sensitive data may leak out without you ever knowing. Whether it’s a financial statement, legal document or intellectual property, your document or message could be edited, forwarded or printed and there is nothing you can do about it. Or is there…

Dynamics 365: Customer Relationship Health

Here at Beringer, we strive to deliver expert level consultation to our customers. In this fast-paced technical climate, it is crucial to stay knowledgeable about upcoming changes in technology. With CRM transitioning to the new Dynamics 365 platform, there are plenty of new features to keep us busy. Today, I’d like to show you some new features coming to the CRM offering that monitors Customer Relationship Health.

Application Training Part 3 : Walk Through A User’s Day

As part of our ongoing support for our customers, we provide both formal and informal training around the services and products we implement.  From a few recent experiences, I wanted to share some overall suggestions on how to plan and present a successful training session on technical topics. Over a series of blogs, I will share some of the planning and content suggestions that have worked well in the past.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Custom Help

Wouldn’t you love to be able to help your Microsoft Dynamics users long after training is complete. Often times we find that users have difficulty using MSCRM if they were not properly trained or don’t have access to training materials that are specific to their organization’s customized instance of MSCRM. There are plenty of training materials for out-of-the-box MSCRM, but how many clients use the vanilla version. Customizations are usually abundant and are geared towards a sales or service process.