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Application Training Part 3 : Walk Through A User’s Day

As part of our ongoing support for our customers, we provide both formal and informal training around the services and products we implement.  From a few recent experiences, I wanted to share some overall suggestions on how to plan and present a successful training session on technical topics. Over a series of blogs, I will share some of the planning and content suggestions that have worked well in the past. This blog will focus on the how to engage users by explaining some typical processes that they may perform throughout their business day.

Walk through “day in the life” scenarios for different user groups – show how a Sales person, Marketing person, Service person and VP use the system.  (cover the various teams in your company who have specific usage of the new application.)  Some users may enter data, approve data, or just search and view data.

  • Show scenarios relevant to the audience – encourage user engagement and feeling of inclusion.
  • Show the same scenarios for the administrative team – to encourage user empathy and deeper support knowledge.
  • Seeing other users’ processes, may help groups understand how their work fits in to the larger picture of the company mission.
  • Reviewing the processes in a training session can also shine a light on inefficient, overlapping or missing processes – these should have been found during development and testing, but that is not always the case.

Take a look at the other blogs in this series for more suggestions on ways to improve your training process.

Beringer Associates, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is always here to provide expert knowledge in topics like these. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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