Your business can get an Office 365 deployment right from the start

Microsoft Office 365 takes what made traditional Office products so iconic and makes it possible for employees to remain productive anywhere at any time. The cloud-powered suite enables users to complete tasks using their laptops, tablets and even smartphones by connecting to corporate suites through the Internet.

The cloud in general is viewed as a hands-off option for customers that do not want to manage every facet of their IT environments, since maintenance and system updates are handled by a third-party vendor. This allows firms to focus solely on other mission-critical tasks such as customer service and revenue. Businesses planning to adopt Office 365 can achieve successful deployments with the right mindset and partner in their corner.

EdTechMagazine’s Brien Posey recently asserted Office 365 deployments are similar to any type of IT implementation – the more planning and preparation put forth by decision-makers, the more likely they are to achieve a successful migration.

Posey explained determining a domain verification is one of the first steps for an Office 365 transition. Although organizations can configure the solution to an existing domain, it still has to show Microsoft it owns this name.

“Next, verify that the organization is running supported versions of Exchange and SharePoint on premises. Those who are running Exchange Server 2003 will need to update to a newer version before migrating to Office 365 unless they have a third-party tool that supports legacy migrations,” Posey wrote.

Microsoft products are known for their integration with other Microsoft solutions. SharePoint is an enterprise content management tool that promotes employee collaboration. Integrating the suite with Office 365 allows staff members to share ideas anywhere at any time through their various computing devices, further strengthening the business model that information is always accessible to end-users and their coworkers.

Avoid the hassle with Beringer Associates
Companies that want to adopt Office 365 without experiencing any bumps along the way should consider contacting Beringer Associates today. We specialize in helping customers maximize their investments in IT products, especially Microsoft tools, by analyzing each firm’s unique needs to create a roadmap that sets it up for long-term efficiency and growth.

If your organization is interested specifically in Office 365 or other Microsoft products, you will be happy knowing we are a Microsoft Certified Partner. Our team of IT professionals are always adding to their skill sets to keep pace with new developments taking place with the vendor’s offerings so our customers do not have to. Once we assist a client with an IT implementation, we deliver 24/7 support to ensure the infrastructure is operating properly at all times. If there is an issue with a solution, we will work as quickly as possible to resolve the situation to minimize the damage before it harms productivity.

Office 365 brings data accessibility to an entirely new level compared to traditional Microsoft Office products. Although the cloud suite does allow customers to take a more hands-off approach to managing the tool, adoption of the system can still go awry without the proper planning. Avoid these shortcomings by contacting Beringer Associates for all of your Microsoft-related needs.