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AI-powered SMART VoIP: Your phone system on steroids

If you’re looking for ways to improve communications efficiency and cut costs, then you may have already switched your phone system over to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). But have you considered using an AI-powered VoIP system? The difference between traditional VoIP and AI-powered VoIP is that the latter uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help provide a better user experience AND tell you how well your phone communications are working.

How softphones improve business performance

Over the years, digital technology has revolutionized and enhanced modern workspaces by increasing optimization and efficiency. Today, everything from receipts, databases and in-house communication platforms are all digital.

As a result, businesses are increasingly seeking cost-efficient technological solutions that can improve their operations and subsequent workflows.

Microsoft Teams Voice, a Business Phone System

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the workplace. We have found it necessary to adopt and embrace new technologies enabling us to work remotely whenever needed or desired. Many of us starting using video conferencing programs like Microsoft Teams as a way to replace in-person meetings.

Thriving in a Remote Work World with Microsoft Teams

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In our post pandemic world, a new business opportunity has emerged. How do we create an environment where a distributed workforce can communicate and collaborate more effectively than the competition? And what tools can we use that employees will easily integrate into their workflow without disruption?

Microsoft Teams Phone System

A clear contender for this is Microsoft Teams Phone System.

Integrating Dynamics 365 with Five9

Integrating Dynamics 365 with Five9
Integrating Dynamics with your Five9 VOIP system can provide you with record pop functionality, automatic record creation, an integration Dynamics/VOIP interface in a single web page, and more.  For more complex integrations between the two systems, Beringer Technology Group has you covered!
What are Five9 Skills?
Five9 Skills are used to route calls to the right people in your business.