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Understanding Power Page configuration

Configuring a Power Page site (formerly called a "Power Portal," or "portal" for short) can be difficult, even for those who are experienced in Power Platform configuration.  While a Power Page site is considered an individual, separate app (similar to the way model-driven apps and canvas apps are separate apps from one another), a builder will commonly use two different interfaces for configuration: the Power Page design studio and the Portal Management model-driven app.

Cyber Security Best Practices: Web Browsers

Monday morning, just to walk in and web browsing is down... what a way to start.  Web browsing for daily tasks is engraved to daily operations nowadays. Yet, is the thought that one of the most common ways cybercriminals gain access to business networks is through unsecured web browsers etched in your mind? Cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities in countless browsers daily to launch an attack on systems globally.

Working with in-app notifications

For quite a while, the in-app notifications feature was in preview mode within Power Apps.  Now, it's a full-fledged component of Power Apps and allows customizers the ability to work with the Notification table within the Dataverse.  Records on this table can be displayed to app users as notifications from a dedicated notification area within a model-driven app.