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Microsoft 365 Cybersecurity

Microsoft 365 Cybersecurity Microsoft is a known provider of top-tier business productivity software — and its commitment to its subscribers’ cybersecurity is integral to that reputation. To fight phishing, one of today’s most prevalent cyberthreats, the tech titan has equipped Microsoft 365 with powerful features.

OneNote: Microsoft’s Diamond in the Rough

OneNote: Microsoft’s Diamond in the Rough The hidden gem of Microsoft Office, OneNote has your digital note-taking needs covered. This piece of software is essentially a digital notebook in which you can organize or visualize your ideas using text, video, audio, and other multimedia sources.

Multi Factor Authentication – The New Normal

Multi Factor Authentication - The New Normal
Multi-factor Authentication... This is a pain - I have to put my password in and THEN I get to answer a text and enter a code? OR I have to press another button OR approve a connection???
Why should I use Multi Factor Authentication ?
It's simple - this is by far the best way to stop a hacker from accessing your account - EVEN IF they get your username and password.

Integrate Excel with Dynamics 365

Integrate Excel with Dynamics 365
Many people still use MS Excel today, and for good reason. It's a well-established spreadsheet program that has powerful features for calculating complex data and much more. What it lacks though is enhanced security for sharing, change tracking (unless you are using it in SharePoint, inability to track historical performance & numbers and the inability to capture activities.

SharePoint Workflow End Of Life

SharePoint Workflow End Of Life
Microsoft announced that all SharePoint workflows running SharePoint Online have officially reached their end of life. If you are running workflow automation in SharePoint Online, then your business will be impacted. Microsoft provides two versions of workflows in SharePoint, version 2010 and version 2013. Depending on which version of SharePoint workflows you are using will dictate your next steps.