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Here’s Why Your Company Needs A Business Continuity Plan

There are many reasons why some small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) fail during the first five years of operation.  Once of the most under-valued reason is preparing for major disruptions like natural disasters and cyberattacks. If you want to prevent this from happening to your business, you need a business continuity plan (BCP). What is […]

Microsoft Office 365 Backups

Microsoft Office 365 Backups
That stuff's all backed up, right?

Ah - no. The simple answer is no. UNLESS you set it up... There is some confusion around Microsoft 365's data retention policy and the common thought is "It's in the cloud, it must be backed up!"

That is just not the case.

Cloud Data Backup With Datto Backupify

Protect Your Cloud Data with Datto Backupify

Disgruntled employees are not nice people, and when they leave they often make an  "exit statement" and wreak havoc on your network, or their company data and email. In some cases, they might delete their mailbox, OneDrive or SharePoint files, erase Teams history or delete contacts.

Multi Factor Authentication – The New Normal

Multi Factor Authentication - The New Normal
Multi-factor Authentication... This is a pain - I have to put my password in and THEN I get to answer a text and enter a code? OR I have to press another button OR approve a connection???
Why should I use Multi Factor Authentication ?
It's simple - this is by far the best way to stop a hacker from accessing your account - EVEN IF they get your username and password.

Using Datto Isolated Restore as a Test Environment

At Beringer Technology Group we work with our customers to understand backup and disaster recovery needs and then recommend the best possible solution. One of the products we recommend across our customer base are Datto backup and recovery devices. Datto’s products have many great features including the ability to run backups to the device and then to a cloud-based repository.