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Penetration Testing Vs. Vulnerability Scanning: What’s the difference?

In today's technology-filled world we always hear about device security and hackers that infiltrate big corporate companies. It's more common than most people see and we need to protect ourselves and our companies' assets. Cyber Security should be taken seriously, so below we will review the two most common ways of finding out if your company is vulnerable.

Basic Hacker Classifications

While hackers are generally grouped as a larger whole of technically adept, malicious specialists, there are key differences among them that divide the many type of hackers that exist. Some hackers want money for themselves and resort to evildoings, while others you might encounter could be securing your company's data.

DNS Hijacking

What is DNS?
DNS, short for Domain Name System, is the process of converting URLs like to IP addresses so computers know where to take you. Think of IP addresses like addresses, without an address how would you know where someone's house is? DNS Hijacking is the process of intercepting the request and replying for the DNS server to point you to the wrong place.

New VMware Ransomware “Cheers”

A new ransomware named ‘Cheers’ is targeting VMware ESXi servers. VMware is a virtualization platform used by many large corporations. It has been targeted recently by many ransomware groups with the most recent attacks being LockBit and Hive.

When a VMware ESXi server is compromised, the attacker launches an encrypter which will stop all running virtual machines.

VMWare Exploit CVE-2022-22972

A VMware exploit is now available online which affects Workspace ONE Access, VMWare Identity Manager, and vRealize automation. The exploit has been given a CVE number of 2022-22972.

The exploit allows the attacker to bypass authentication and gain administrator permissions to the applications stated above.

Why managed IT services is best for SMB cybersecurity

Without technology, businesses cannot compete and succeed. But with the advancement in technology comes the ever-constant threat of hackers and cybercriminals. That’s why small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) need to protect themselves with robust cybersecurity solutions managed by reputable managed IT services providers (MSPs).
How managed service providers can solve the security puzzle
Much as you would rely on an electrician to wire your building and resolve sparking outlets, there’s tremendous value in outsourcing the critical task of cybersecurity to the professionals.