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Can your company weather the storm?

Winter is in full swing in many parts of the country; just when it seems the worst has passed, another storm is forecast and inevitably drops snow and sleet on the roads and power lines, snarling infrastructure and threatening to take businesses out of commission. Through all of this, it’s imperative to stay available to your client base. The temptation will surely be there to declare such days a loss and not open, and without the proper technology that may be the only option – but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for it.


Your clients may not be appreciative of your workers being unavailable to help them due to weather. They may be based right down the street and also snowed in, but they could also be somewhere without a single inch of precipitation, open as usual and eager to communicate with you. Today, companies have contracts with partners all over the country and world. It’s imperative that they’re there for one another, no matter how inhospitable Mother Nature has become.


Fortunately, there are IT answers that can keep an office in full swing even if the workers can’t reach the building over slippery roads. With tools such as VoIP phone systems and cloud-based access technology, you can maintain productivity while your city is battling tough weather.


VoIP keeps phone lines open
The office phone is a lifeline between your workers and your clients. If you can keep this pathway open during a disaster, the loss of productivity and trust can potentially be halted. Partners will be thrilled that your people are still available, even in the grip of an icy winter storm. Any opportunity to impress with service is welcome, and this may be a significant one. VoIP phone systems can prove their worth here, with advanced options allowing users to forward their calls and gain office number access from home.


Connecting through the cloud
Working with tools such as those from Citrix, you can even expand your remote office operations beyond calling. Making applications and computing features available, even when workers are scattered, can keep productivity high, no matter the situation. Whether winter storms, the annual threat of hurricanes or any other threat has kept your workers out of the office, it’s good to know their apps are still at their fingertips.


Working with a trusted IT services provider can grant you these advantages and more. Just because the office is inaccessible, that doesn’t mean you have to halt productivity.