Certain challenges can sink VoIP adoption fast

Businesses with old communication tools in place may be considering upgrading to more agile solutions such as Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP is a way for firms to use their Internet service to make phone calls and send messages and faxes directly through Web-enabled gadgets. It allows companies to pay for one service instead of two, while simultaneously providing employees with collaboration options anywhere and at any time.

All of this sounds great on the surface – and it is to an extent – but like any IT product, VoIP deployments can experience problems if the proper planning is overlooked. PC Pro’s Steve Cassidy recently highlighted some common issues that can occur with a company’s adoption of VoIP and how firms should avoid these complications in the future.

Cassidy indicated VoIP’s greatest advantage is also its most significant challenge. PC networks may seem like they are in good shape, but voice traffic may expose the problems, especially if capped-bandwidth Internet is being utilized.

All Internet services aren’t created equally
One mistake businesses may make regarding their VoIP implementation involves their Internet services. Julian Hubble of DrayTrek said firms still make wrong decisions by selecting VoIP systems that do not support call volumes and corporate priorities based on their current bandwidth caps.

“Left uncontrolled, traffic becomes congested and VoIP becomes unreliable, resulting in lost calls or unintelligible conversations,” Hubble said, Cassidy reported. “A business-class router with a feature called Quality of Service (QoS) will give all VoIP calls the right level of priority to help ensure other users don’t affect the smooth running of the VoIP service.”

Hubble suggested small businesses sometimes think Internet services are similar, particularly low-cost options. These solutions are effective for standard Web access, but not ideal when voice quality enters the equation. Determining whether a broadband connection is powerful enough to handle VoIP is one factor that cannot be overlooked during the selection process.

Finally, Cassidy asserted that VoIP solutions are not just simply phone projects, but are much more IT-based.

Companies should not overlook this final point, instead keeping IT professionals in the loop when considering a VoIP implementation. If the system is passed off to another department, there will be a significant disconnect between the end-user base, which will be working with VoIP suites on a daily basis.

Achieve a personalized touch for VoIP
There are many variables that must be accounted for when choosing a VoIP system that involve much more than just the VoIP equipment itself. Not every solution will support each firm’s IT operations, so it is crucial for adopters to thoroughly plan ahead when selecting a system. That’s why a partner such as Beringer Associates is so valuable for businesses adopting new products.

As the PC Pro report highlighted, not all IT equipment is the same, nor is every organization. This is why we offer personalized service for each client. We have been helping customers not only implement the latest tools the IT industry has to offer, but also deliver support throughout each solution’s life cycle. Before any decision is made regarding the adoption of a product, our team of consultants analyzes each company’s infrastructure, end-user base and operational goals to create a comprehensive roadmap to ensure a smooth transition for either an on-site VoIP system or a cloud-hosted environment.

A cloud-hosted VoIP system offers low-cost startup, complete scalability and flexible pay structure. A hosted suite delivers favorable total cost of ownership, highly customizable and provides immediate upgrades. Regardless of the type of implementation, we position every customer to take full advantage of the suite long after launch.

Once your VoIP system is in place, we provide 24/7 assistance to address any complications that may occur. Operational disruptions can greatly impact productivity if they are not fixed in a timely fashion, which is why we’re on call around the clock to help customers get back on track as quickly as possible.

VoIP solutions are effective options for businesses interested in gaining more flexibility with their communications and replacing traditional landlines that are costly to maintain. Companies that rush the implementation process or select just any service on the market will never realize the tools’ full potential and may experience performance woes and sunken expenses as a result. Achieve a successful deployment today and tomorrow with Beringer Associates.