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ClickDimensions Update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

ClickDimensions Update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013


ClickDimensions has announced the release of a new version of their product  that has been redesigned to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.  Current customers whose CRM has been upgraded to version 2013 can contact the ClickDimensions support team to obtain the latest solution for import into CRM.


As part of the new solution for CRM 2013, here are a few new features that may be of special interest to users:


Drag and Drop Email Template Editor

-Easy to use with drag and drop interface for changing layout and content

-Updates message in real time, as changes are made



Learn how to use the new Drag and Drop editor


Image Editor

 The new Drag and Drop Editor comes with an added bonus of having a built in image editor!

- Easily add filters, captions, and effects to your images all from inside your template

- Advanced options such as changing the saturation, brightness or sharpness are also available.



See the Clickdimensions blog post on the new image editor 


Improved CRM Password Updating

-It’s now easier to update your CRM password within ClickDimensions, to prevent any service interruptions.

-Simply navigate to Settings> Clickdimensions> Service credentials to update your service account password at any time.


Improved Social Sharing

- Social Sharing now supports full branding of shared content in your emails.

- You can easily substitute your CNAME in place of the default ''.


See more on Social Sharing with ClickDimensions here

These are the key improvements that users will see in ClickDimensions 5:


Drag and Drop Editor A new editor option has been added for Email Templates. Learn More.
Image Editor Within the new drag and drop editor there is also an image editor allowing you to crop, rotate,
add text, change colors, saturation, etc.
Date Field Added new option for the Form Field types Date and DateTime. Once the field is added to the
form, open the properties, go to formatting, and you can change the format to d/m/y or m/d/y.
SMS Country Codes When setting up SMS settings it asks for your country code - we've added all possible
country codes supported by Twilio. Learn More.
Social Sharing When sharing an email, it always showed We've added a
domain field to the social sharing options so you can pick any CNAME you have set up to
redirect to We pull this from your Domain records in CRM.
Learn More.
Password Reset You can now update your ClickDimensions CRM User password that you use to connect to
ClickDimensions even after you've already changed it with Microsoft.
Learn More.
Security Roles The ClickDimensions User role allows for Append and Append To for the Form Capture and
Form Capture Field entities
Entity Views All views for ClickDimensions entities are now editable. Note: if you change them,
they will change back when you update ClickDimensions. It is recommended that you create
your own views.


The full release notes content can be found here.


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