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Microsoft CRM Outlook Client Will Not Connect After Upgrade to CRM 2015 Online

Your upgrade was completed by Microsoft and now your users cannot connect to Microsoft CRM 2015 with their Outlook Client. When configuring the client, you receive a generic error stating "There is a problem communicating with Microsoft Dynamics CRM server". Fortunately, the error also includes a "Help me resolve this issue" link.

Outlook Config Error

Help me resolve this issue

The webpage you are taken to when clicking the "Help me..." link states that this is a CRM 2011 issue but it does apply to CRM 2015.

So what's the solution? As the article explains, it's possible you have a duplicate entry in your sitemap for CRM 2015. The article also explains how to remedy the issue.

Here's a brief description:

  • Create a new solution in CRM and add the sitemap.
  • Export the solution.
  • Open the solution (zip file) and then open the "customizations.xml" file with notepad.
  • Look for a duplicate "SubArea ID" entry within an "Area ID" and delete it.
  • Save the "customization.xml" file.
  • Import your solution.
  • Publish customizations.
  • Try configuring the Outlook Client again

With my issue, I had 2 "SubArea Id='nav_answers'" in the Services area. Once I removed one, the issue resolved.

NOTE: Backup the original sitemap export in case you need to revert back.

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