Delve introduces social networking into Office 365 environment

Social networking has quickly become a key capability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As customers generate valuable information ripe for the taking, businesses with access to this data can make more informed decisions to take advantage of client preferences and establish long-term relationships. Delve, a new social networking application that highlights these interactions, will be a critical aspect of the Microsoft product in the future. 

InfoWorld's J. Peter Bruzzese recently provided an overview of Delve. The application pools data from Yammer, OneDrive and SharePoint to deliver this information back to end-users through a "card-based interface reminiscent of Pinterest."

Bruzzese indicated Delve shows data to employees who have permission to view such information. The tool only shares content – documents, links and videos – based on previous interactions.

Delve is powered by Office Graph, which also removes graymail from mailboxes. Bruzzese explained these messages are not junk mail but do not serve to benefit the end-users' needs.

"Office Graph also uses its 'intelligence' to help you prepare for a meeting in your calendar by pulling the latest information together into 'prep cards.' Groups of people you work with can be shown what's trending within the group, and it pulls content from outside the group," Bruzzese wrote.

Making the leap to Office 365?
Microsoft's Office 365 suite is much different from the traditional Office products. The cloud-based solution offers the typical programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint but also includes many more applications crucial to empowering today's workforce. Employees can use their laptops, tablets and even smartphones to view documents, Lync to participate in video conferences and communicate with coworkers and clients as if they were in the office.

Microsoft is moving forward with its cloud first, mobile first mentality. These technologies fit each other nicely, delivering data access to a broad range of devices at all times. Social information is also playing a critical role in how businesses gain insight into valuable content that can empower decision-makers and achieve an advantage over the competition. Juggling all of these solutions simultaneously, however, is not easy for companies with limited IT resources. Luckily, organizations can leverage all of these innovative developments without overextending themselves.

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