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Diagnose Your Surface

Diagnose Your Surface

The Surface Diagnostic Toolkit makes it easy to run a number of hardware tests on your Surface. At less than 3MB it’s extremely portable and it doesn’t require installation. It can also be run using a USB stick or over the network. The tool provides a clean, simple GUI and allows you to run all tests at once or individually. These tests are interactive and several of them will require you to observe the outcome and then mark whether the test passed or failed.

Some of the tests available:

  • The Device Information test reads basic system information such as device model, operating system version, processor, memory, and storage.
  •  The System Assessment test provides information regarding the processing speed of algorithms, as well as the read and write performance of memory and storage.
  •  The Crash Dump Collection test records information regarding errors that may have caused your device to fail.
  •  The Battery test is used to test the health and estimated run-time of the battery.
  •  The Bluetooth test is used to search for discoverable Bluetooth devices and verify that your Bluetooth device is able to be detected.
  •  The Camera test verifies that the camera on your surface is functioning properly.
  •  The Network Test is used to diagnose potential issues with network connectivity.

There are many more tests that can be run as well. Once the tests are run, you have the option to save to a file or to the clipboard. Some tests like the Performance Monitor Test and Crash Dump Collection will require additional tools to analyze the logs. For instance, the Crash Dump test will require the Windows Debugging Tool for analysis and the Performance Monitor test requires Windows Performance Analyzer. These tests can also be run from the command line but the GUI is much quicker and allows for picking and choosing which tests to run.

For IT professionals, this tool can provide valuable insight to potential hardware issues. You can choose the Test Depth which will determine the level of data collection when running all tests. This will have the highest log footprint but will provide the most data. The Surface Diagnostic Tool can be downloaded here.

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