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Distributors face competitive disadvantage in stagnation

Distributors today face significant competition from not only large entities such as Amazon, but also from distributors of their own size. Amazon may offer better pricing for the popular items, while the competitive distributors may deliver niche and specialty products or have more intimate knowledge of their offerings. If firms are to truly be successful moving forward, customer service cannot be an afterthought over just how goods are priced.

Distributors relying on traditional methods to serve clients are stuck running in place while the competition gains ground and surpasses them. Tracking customer sales information using Excel spreadsheets and hand-written notes just isn't conducive to supporting today's "always-on" business mantra. Distributors cannot be open for communication only during normal business hours; they must become available around the clock. Companies not only have to be wooed by service providers, but shown first-hand how their every need will be taken care of by partnering with a particular firm.

This is where distributors have to make a decision - to stick with their traditional ways or make the switch to more powerful tools that will set them up for years to come.

This is where Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes in
Customer relationship management solutions help distributors take their businesses to the next level of efficiency. Tools such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM unify a company's sales data into an easy-to-access way that supports employee functions inside the office or in the field.

The suite is accessible through mobile gadgets - laptops, tablets and smartphones - allowing sales representatives to quickly view the most up-to-date information related to current customers and prospective clients. Reps with this capability are always prepared before meeting with client's year-to-date statistics then and there to highlight how their distributor can offer a better deal than the competition.

This is how distributors can take the next step to overcome the prices offered by Amazon and the product lines of their direct rivals to strike a balance between the two, which are all possible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Integrate CRM with ERP

One of the most effective ways to leverage CRM solutions is through the integration of enterprise resource planning tools. ERP software helps operations within your organizations - manufacturing, order processing, inventory management and purchasing. However, there is a missing piece in the implementation of ERP solutions, integrating them with your CRM solution. It's vital that sales and marketing people have access to real-time information about what your clients are purchasing from your organization, all in one system.

This where Beringer Associates comes into play. We offer a unique CRM for Distribution tool - one that Beringer has exclusively developed to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM that helps distributors leverage these important systems driving efficiency and growth. This solution has the flexibility to work with your current ERP solution. The pairing of CRM and ERP delivers the best possible tools to sales teams to achieve a competitive advantage over rivals throughout the industry.

Make the transition today
Technology has made it possible for companies to leverage data like never before, with IT products helping distributors achieve a competitive advantage. If your business is ready to take its next step toward offering more personalized client support with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and achieve a successful integration with ERP solutions, contact Beringer Associates today.

We are a Certified Microsoft Partner providing service to customers for more than 20 years. We will analyze your company's unique operational demands to develop a long-term product roadmap to ensure sustained success for suites such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft-related products.

The right tools - CRM and ERP - can make all of the difference for businesses competing against the likes of Amazon and smaller firms. If your distribution company wants the best of both worlds from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to ERP integration, CRM for Distribution, contact Beringer today. We will not only help your business before and during product launches, but long after they are in place by providing 24/7 support to minimize complications that may impact operational efficiency.



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