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Find the Missing Software Install Keys

At some point, you may find yourself wondering, “How do I find my Office install key, or a list of all the programs on my PC??” The Windows Control Panel for Windows and Features will show you some of this information (Add Remove CP if you’re running XP), but only the basics, and not all of the system software or install keys. Maybe you are migrating to a new computer, or just rebuilding the same PC and you can’t find the license info for your currently installed software. Well, Belarc Advisor can help.

Download the tool from (free for personal use) and run it on your PC. This will return a copious amount of information about your configuration including the hardware details, installed software and keys, Windows version and key, user accounts, details of your surrounding network and more. In case you’re worried about security, Belarc Advisor does not send your information anywhere outside your local computer. (no data mining)

You can print the details or save them as an HTML file for later reference. (Print the report, and file it for later!)

This is also a useful tool for documenting your baseline configuration after you build out a new computer with your basic applications. This is great for comparison to your system a year or so later, when things start to slow down or act wonky. It makes it easier to see just how much new software has accumulated (and possibly can be cleaned out), and also what is part of the base build and needs to stay.

It’s easy to use and a huge help in documenting your PC’s configuration now, and for reference later on.

Belarc also publishes a few commercially-licensed products, intended for business network management of computers, software, and various security-related details.