Geo-IP Filter – what is it exactly?

FirewallAs many people in the IT arena know, but maybe not so many residential or end users do, firewalls are of the greatest importance when trying to prevent unwanted traffic and or users from accessing your vital applications and information housed on your personal system or systems and servers for businesses.

Firewalls come in multiple varieties ranging from the generic home use cable modem unit to the elaborate and highly complex corporate level units. However regardless of the complexity there are some simple things that can be used to help protect against unwanted traffic such as the Geo-IP filter. What this does is block traffic based on Geographic location(s) from entering or accessing the information behind the firewall. Simply enter a location and the range of addressing associated with that geographic area and it is blocked from the local (internal) network or system by the firewall.

There are of course instances when you need to allow for certain addresses or ranges that are covered in those locations to enter or access your information. These are what we call exceptions and can be handled in most cases as a single entry of one address or a range of addresses if they are contiguous. Of course that is not always the case and those are the times when it can be arduous to make many exceptions, but when it comes to protecting your information there is no better line of defense than preventing it all together.

Taking risks with personal or corporate level information is not something that should be handled lightly and if at all possible should be avoided. We live in the mobile world where employees and end users travel or work remotely and need to be able to make those exceptions functional but kept locked down to exactly where and whom they are and what they have access to. The Geo-IP filter helps provide that while blocking the rest of the world in the process. Pretty neat indeed.

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