Deploy an Internet Lead Capture Form in 10 Minutes using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online includes an Internet Marketing feature that allows you to very easily build and deploy website landing pages and contact forms for collecting leads off the Internet. Microsoft will even host these pages for you or you can generate the HTML and host the pages on your web server.

This feature is completely non-technical and allows you to easily build the landing pages and contact forms.Within minutes, you can have a form created on your site with up 34 fields that will flow directly into Microsoft CRM. You decide which fields to use and how to arrange them, and which fields are Mandatory. 

And best of all, all leads automatically are imported to a queue and assigned as a lead in Microsoft CRM. It also supports any field customizations you have implemented in the leads module in CRM. For example let’s say you have added profiling fields to collect information such as industry, product interest etc… these fields will be selectable for inclusion on your landing page form. It also automatically formats fields (for example if one of your fields is a list of selectable values) it will be presented the same on the online form.

 This is a great (and often times underutilized) feature of Microsoft CRM.

 The short 10 minute video will walk you through the process of creating and deploying lead capture forms.