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Microsoft Big Easy 9 Offer

The Big Easy Offer is Back!

The Big Easy Offer is back and valid from October 1st through December 31st, 2012. This is a sweet deal from Microsoft that actually pays your certified CRM partner (via a check to you made out to us) to implement your Microsoft CRM.

The Offer

The Big Easy 9 offer allows US customers who make a qualifying license purchase of various software licensing for CRM, Windows Server, SQL Server, etc. to earn a partner subsidy check based on the type and quantity of licensing. We have seen some clients get $50k or $75k in a check on this program over the years. It is not up for long so act now.

How do the Big Easy Offer 9 & Cloud Easy Offer help my business?

A comprehensive solution can seem out of reach for some small to mid-sized organizations. Many are accustomed to purchasing products and solutions piecemeal, and postponing planned upgrades or refreshes due to budget constraints. With the Big Easy Offer 9 & the Cloud Easy Offer, you can earn partner subsidy funds, which can be used for additional purchases of Microsoft software, or associated services from Beringer Associates – a welcome injection to your IT budget.

How does it work?

  • Review the list of qualifying products (Much more detail, Summary Below)
  • Fill out the form to the right, or chat with us live.
  • Purchase qualifying products between October 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012.
  • Redeem your purchase within 30 days of the purchase date at Microsoft's Website (We'll help you with this).
  • Spend your subsidy check made payable to your Microsoft Partner within 90 days of the issue date.

Short List of Qualifying Products

  • Microsoft® Office 2010
  • Microsoft® Office Professional Plus 2010
  • Microsoft® Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft® Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Lync™ Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint™ Server
  • Microsoft SQL™ Server
  • Microsoft Forefront™
  • Microsoft® Windows 8
  • Microsoft® Windows Server®
  • Microsoft® Visio®
  • Microsoft® SQL Server®
  • Microsoft® Project
  • Microsoft® Expression Studio
  • Microsoft® Visual Studio®
  • Microsoft® System Center

We Are Here to Help You Take Advantage of the Big Easy 9!

If you have any questions, the deadline ends 12/31/2012, call us at 800.796.4854
or Chat now with a live consultant by clicking below.



Rob is the CTO of Beringer Technology Group, and focuses his efforts on software development, cloud engineering, team mentoring and strategic technical direction. Rob has worked with Beringer since 2005, and has influenced every department from Development, Security, Implementation, Support and Sales. Rob graduated with his MBA from Rowan University in 2012, earned his Bachelors of Computer Science in 1997, and is current with several Microsoft technical certifications. Rob is very active, and loves to mountain bike, weight train, cook and hike with his dog pack.

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