Microsoft CRM 2013 Spring ’14 Update – Marketing Features

Microsoft CRM 2013 Spring ’14 Update – Marketing Features

The Spring ’14 release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 will be made available to online customers as an automatic service update with the option to install the new features. Customers running Dynamics CRM 2013 on-premises customers can download the update as an installable service pack (SP1).

This update provides enhancement updates to the Marketing components in Dynamics CRM:

Drag and Drop Visual Campaign Manager
Effective campaign strategy drives customers to embrace your brand. A new visual design interface makes it easy for your marketing team to build multi-channel campaigns – integrating email marketing and social channels helps to generate well-qualified leads.

Lead Lifecycle Management

  • Build your sales pipeline with qualified leads using a solution designed to manage the process of lead acquisition, scoring, distribution, and segmentation across Marketing and Sales.
  • Easily import leads to nurture and measure consistently for better results.
  • Multi-dimensional scoring allows Marketers to create precise scoring models across multiple elements (e.g. engagement, demographics, behavioral data, etc.)
  • Leads generated last week may or may not be as hot as the leads generated this week. Scoring helps Marketers identify the best leads by changing criteria based on currency or frequency of engagement.
  • Optimize campaign results by tracking Leads based on campaign performance and conversion rate.

Homepage for Key Data

  • Marketing professionals can quickly and easily create a personalized dashboard of key performance metrics. Details such as leads generated, email effectiveness, landing page opens, and budget performance can be brought into one reporting interface.
  • The new graphical editor enables Marketers to customize a homepage for their business role – view Marketing data in Charts (pie, area, bubble) or in a list view, or aggregate several data sources for a complete view of campaign performance using Power BI.

Scalable Email Marketing

  • Improve email campaign “open” rates through high-level personalization. Tailor the content based on sender, recipient, subject and content for more effective email marketing with fewer emails.
  • Open APIs to support emails triggered by third parties applications tracking results within Dynamics Marketing.
  • Deliver mass and transactional emails scalable to millions of emails to customers per day.
  • Cross campaign rules to prevent email fatigue. Manage and control how many emails a contact can receive in a given time period to improve email performance.

Power BI for Marketing

  • Visually analyze your data using predefined Power BI reports focusing on financials, lead performance, asset management and email deliverability.
  • Obtain a 360 degree view of the Customer by visualizing contact demographics, online behavior, marketing lists and much more using Excel based reporting tools.
  • Demonstrate the impact of your Marketing investments with robust Campaign ROI reporting.
  • Power BI can access your marketing spend and revenue to calculate the return on your marketing investment, or ROMI.

Improved Sales and Marketing Connector (Dynamics Marketing Connector – licenses through Office 365)
The Dynamics Marketing Connector is new and improved, with easy configuration and a UI for data mapping. Achieve better Lead scoring through tighter data mapping of important details on Contacts and Leads. Your Sales team will receive higher quality Leads from the process and pipeline and conversion reporting will also reflect the deeper level of detail.

Office 365 Procurement

Easily try and buy Microsoft Dynamics Marketing through Microsoft Office 365 providing single sign in across all your Office 365 services.