Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Online Fall ’13 Updates – What’s New?

The update to Microsoft Dynamics 2013 or Online Fall ’13 brings in a whole new interface designed to allow users to work more efficiently throughout CRM. Here’s an overview of 18 specific changes to the user experience in CRM 2013.

The new features discussed in this article allow for:

  • New Navigation
  • Easier Editing
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Enhanced User Interface

The new features may be a big change for users who have been working in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 interface, but the best way to get used to the new features is to jump in and start using them!

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New Navigation

  • Instead of the classic left navigation pane and top ribbon menu, there is now streamlined navigation in drop down menus at the top of the screen:
  • Instead of the lower left corner links to Workplace, Sales, Marketing, Service, Settings and Resource Center, these are now under the Dashboards menu at the top of the screen:
  • Access different record types easily through tiles at the top of the screen:
  • Find your records more easily:
  • The ribbon menu has been replaced by commands related to the entity you’re working on:
  • If you don’t see the command for the action you want to take, click on the ellipsis icon to drop down a menu of more commands related to the entity you’re working on:
  • You can get back to recently viewed records through the nav bar, entity type and tiles group:
  • Information related to the record you’re working on is just a click away through the nav bar and related record name:

Easier Editing

  • Update record while viewing – no need to switch views.  Connect through Skype, Lync or email right from the record:
  • Quickly create new records to capture Contact details or other business information:
  • Add Notes while editing record details:
  • Inline editing and view of key stakeholders in Opportunities:
  • New Product records and their details are now easier to enter:

Updated Processes

  • Utilize guided business processes for a consistent flow of interactions with customers:
  • Autosave now runs every 30 seconds or when you navigate to another record. You only need to Save a new record once, and autosave handles updates after that.
  • Reports are now accessed under the work area – scroll to the tile for Reports:
  • Reports can also be run from the command bar while working in a record:
  • The Advanced Find command is now on the dashboard area and under the Ellipsis menu:

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