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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Summary

With Microsoft CRM 2013 being released in just a few weeks I thought I would share some information on this release.


On October 8th the new version (2013) will be released to the online platform, on-premise will follow on October 13th.


The pricing models for both Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and On Premise will change on October 1st.  Dynamics CRM Online is going from $44 per user/month to $65 per user/month.  Dynamics CRM On Premise price will increase 25%.  As an example, Open Business pricing will go from the current $1050 list price to $1312.50 list price per user.  Subscribing to CRM Online or purchasing On Premise  before Oct. 1st will lock in the current lower price.


What's New in CRM 2013?


Reimagined User Experience - With an entirely new user experience, Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to view everything you need in one spot – fast and fluid, and relevant to the work at hand. No pop-ups. No flipping from one application to the next. What you need, where you need it. Get in, get going and get done.



The new user experience organizes information in a clean, consistent and easy-to-access manner. By giving you all the information you need at one time, you don’t get distracted and you stay on task. The streamlined navigation experience drops down from the top of the screen with a single touch.


Simplified Data Entry - Your people are busy – working multiple accounts and opportunities all the time. To keep them productive and focused on the task at hand, Microsoft has introduced new data entry capabilities. Allow your users to easily create any record with Quick Create – an optimized experience to capture key data points for the record being entered.


Customer Summary - In 2013 you will be able to store images and display location using Microsoft Bing Maps. Images are stored within the CRM database using a new Image attribute type. Each entity can have an image attribute. This attribute is designed to allow a record to store a single image that can be displayed in entity forms that are enabled to display it.


There will be a Quick View form in 2013 that surfaces important Customer information on related forms so you always have your customer data at your fingertips. When you are in an Opportunity the customer contact info will be displayed in the Quick View.


Process Excellence & Agility - With guided processes there is no more guessing what to do next. You always know what has been completed, where you are in the process, and what still remains to be done. With the ability to quickly create and modify business processes, your organization can easily adapt to changes in the market.


Drive effectiveness through pre-defined and configurable processes and enhanced collaborative selling. Each stage of a process is clearly outlined, identifying the recommended steps to completion. Users can move forward and backward in a process, and as they do, they will be presented with a new suggested list of steps.


This is a fresh, intuitive and guided means for users to work through a business process toward a defined outcome. This is a departure from the traditional transactional CRM application to a more process-centric, outcome-oriented and guided experience. This is a deliberate move to focus on outcomes rather than transactions.


Processes can span multiple entities (including custom entities) and can be role specific. You can have multiple processes for an entity and allow the user to switch to a more suitable process at any time. Processes can have required steps to keep users on track with business requirements.


Designing processes has been simplified with a point and click designer. CRM 2013 will come with a few defined processes and more will be available for download from the marketplace.


CRM on the Go - Mobile applications keep people connected to data, team members, and customers. With access to your CRM solution on your Windows 8 tablet or iPad as well as your mobile phone, you have the tools you need to not only look smarter but also to be smarter.


Powerful Tablet Applications - Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets helps you stay connected and productive wherever you are. Use your iPad or Windows 8 tablet to stay up to date with your customer info—even when you’re on the go. Arrive prepared for every appointment, and update your notes, tasks, contacts, accounts, and leads while the details are still fresh in your mind. Data is cached for offline viewing so you can still access key data if connectivity is lost.


Touch-optimized Phone Applications - Your users are on the go. They have many devices and expect experiences that work across these various device types. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM phone applications will complete the mobility story by providing a touch-enabled mobile phone application experience for Windows 8, Android and iPhones. Phone applications will be launched following the General Availability of CRM 2013. Note: The phone apps will not be available at launch.


CRM 2013 will also have embedded Microsoft Lync integration, auto save functionality, Office 2013 compatibility and more.


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