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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Business Rules – What to do When They are not Working

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 business rules are a great way to add form design functions without having to write JavaScript. Do you need to hide a field based on a value in another field? Use a business rule. Do you need to lock a field based on a flag in your record? Use a business rule.

Microsoft CRM 2015 business rules come in very handy and sometimes there are issues as in the example below.

I was setting up a business rule in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 to lock fields that were being populated by an integration with another system. I only wanted to lock these fields when an account number was populated on the record since only records that are part of the integration had an account number.

I created my business rule with an If statement of "Account Number Contains Data". My actions were a series of fields to be locked. All-in-all there were about 20 locked fields. I saved my rule, activated it, and opened up an account with an account number. It didn't work as expected. All the fields I had listed in my rule were wide open and available for editing.

I then did what most people do in this situation--I called for help. My colleagues threw me some suggestions and I decided to start from scratch adding the locked fields one-by-one and in doing so, I found the problem.

You cannot add an action against a field that is in the form header. If you do so, all of the actions will fail. I then took it one step further and added an action against a field not on the form. This also caused all actions not to function.

So there you have it. Do not add actions against header fields or fields not on your form, then your business rules will work as expected.

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