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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Online vs onPremise

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting  Online vs onPremise

Whenever there is a new release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, I’m often asked if there are any technical gaps between the Online & OnPremise versions that would drive a client to pick one over the other.  For the most part there aren't, but I did find some differences with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM reporting capabilities.  In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2013, you can now upload custom reports and access the report entity via the API.  This was limited with the older versions of CRM Online.  The one limitation that exists you can not access SQL Reporting Services directly, so you don't have the ability to schedule & deliver reports.

Just a quick recap of what you can do with CRM Reporting.

  • Create standardcustom reports:  Online & OnPremise
  • Schedule point-in-time snapshots:  Online & OnPremise (users need to manually browse to report to view)
  • Email individual reports to individual users:  OnPremise only (need access to SQL reporting services)
  • Automate delivery of multiple reports to multiple users:  OnPremise only (need access to SQL reporting services)

Geek Bonus!
If you love to code, I found a pretty cool customization that allows you to eMail out a report with a click of a button.  Imagine sitting on a quote entity and clicking a single button to generate a report.  A CRM eMail pops up, complete with a custom report attached as a .pdf, and the To & From fields filled in.  All you need to do is type in the Body & click Send.

Check it out here:

Have any questions or need any help?  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments.



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