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Office Delve with MS Dynamics CRM Online 2016

Integration of Office Delve with MS Dynamics CRM Online 2016 is here!  Office Delve identifies information relevant to you and others from your company’s OneDrive for Business or SharePoint in Office 365.  It identifies this information based on your work patterns and is a great tool to help you find and discover information fast, both on areas that you are currently working on or working with others on.  If you have privacy concerns, do not worry.  Office Delve will only show users information that they have been granted access to.  For more information on Office Delve, check out the following blog.

MS has added Office Delve as a new Dashboard component for this version.  To use it within CRM Online, you must have server based SharePoint integration enabled.  Once enabled, a system administrator can enable Delve within Settings > Document Management > Manage Office Graph Integration.  For more information on this and the requirements, click here.

Once Delve has been enabled in your CRM organization, you can add it as a new dashboard component to a System Dashboard or a Personal Dashboard.

Here are a couple of examples of what yours could look like:

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