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Spring cleaning the Network room!

A lot of companies set up their mission critical equipment and forget about it. Over time, they continue to add equipment and wires but don’t always continue to think about the aesthetics of the room. A disorganized network closet might allow your business to run but will not allow for quick diagnoses. When those systems fail, it could add a significant amount of time for a technician to diagnose the issue. So, it might be time to do some spring cleaning in your network closet or server room.

Cleaning Cabling

Cleaning up the cabling is not just about making it look nice and organized. It also allows for an easier time supporting these systems which could lead to a decrease in the time needed to diagnose an issue or trace a wire. A clean network room increases proper air flow and allows your server and other equipment to breath more easily. Keeping your equipment dusted and clean also lessens the chance of overworking the fans.

Server Rack Organization

Organizing the cables and server rack will allow you to remove extra or unused equipment and free up space to add new equipment. Removing unused cables could possibly create a surplus of extra cables and by having your cables neat and organized, you lessen the chance of damaging a wire. The removal of unused equipment could also create space for you to migrate everything to one rack and avoid having your equipment in multiple locations. Placing all of your equipment in one place will also create more floor space in what is likely to be a tight room.

If you do not have a rack, then maybe you should consider investing in one. There are many great options on the market that will fit your needs. Some racks come with doors that lock to add another level of protection. Other racks come with fans or cooling systems to allow the servers to run at a more optimum temperature. There is even a temperature alert device that could be installed in your rack to let you and the technician know when the temperature spikes too high.

With all this said, when spring cleaning the office do not leave the server room out of the process. It is a room that is often overlooked and could benefit from an upgrade.

Beringer Technology Group, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, provides services to help you update and organize your technology equipment. Contact us today for any questions you may have.

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