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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs Apple iPad Pro

So which is better, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or the Apple iPad Pro? For most users it really boils down to usability and price so lets take a look at both.

Below is a comparison of each devices features and specs. The bold items indicating the winner of that individual feature or spec:

Lets talk usability –

The major usability features clearly go to the Surface Pro 4 with a higher resolution display, a faster processor, much more memory (4 to 16GB ), an included pen, an optional laptop class keyboard with a trackpad, USB to support external devices, high definition output and a kickstand to work in multiple positions. If that’s not enough to convince you, think of that fact that the Surface Pro 4 runs Windows applications and allows for multi-tasking where the iPad Pro only runs iOS applications and has limited multi-tasking options.

Lets talk Price –

Not only is the Surface Pro 4 more usable and have better features than the iPad Pro, its the cheapest of the two.

Conclusion – 

The clear winner is the Surface Pro 4.

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