ViperSoftX Malware Targets Password Managers

Tablets in the Workplace

Over the course of the last few years the computer industry has been experiencing an exciting change:  Tablets have arrived are changing the way users want to interface with technology. When the iPad broke onto the scene it was originally seen as a consumer-only product, with little interest from businesses. This has all changed, and many businesses are now welcoming tablets such as the iPad into their environments and are even starting to distribute them to users.   According to New NPD In-Stat research, some of the most common uses for Tablets in the workplace include: email and calendar management, note-taking, customer relationship management (CRM), and are presentation-equipped.

Tablets are easy to use mobile devices that require very little training for users to be able to be productive on one. They also allow for instant-ON performance and great battery life making it an ideal tool for users on the go. One of the other benefits, is the vast array of Business and Productivity Applications available for for tablets. The online application stores have outgrown the infancy stage and have many free and modest priced applications that serve nearly all your needs. There are Apps out there to provide easy access to most of the items that business users need and provide it to them up to date and quickly.